Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Epic Utah and Colorado trip- Part 1

We had such a fun trip with a lot of pictures I'm going to split the trip up so I don't have 100 pictures in one post. Literally that's how many I have.

 July 19- We went to church, came home, packed the car, and left at 2 p.m. for our very long drive. People said we were crazy for attempting a 29 hour drive with three small children. We were about to find out. I had plenty of snacks, activities, and movies packed to hopefully last the two weeks.

We stopped in Knoxville (3 1/2 hours away) to have dinner with Devin, Dee, and Oliver. It was a perfect two hour stop and the kids loved playing with Oliver's toys. We didn't take a picture though! We put the kids in their pajamas and hoped for the best. 

That night we drove through a terrible rain storm. There was so much lightening in Missouri it was frightening. I'm so glad Ja was driving because I would have been terrified with all the rain. He did very well and I'm so glad we prayed for our safety before we left. Our prayer was definitely answered!

Anna got the best sleep that night. She slept the whole night minus the screaming fit that lasted a minute. I think it was a nightmare. Macy was up from 12am to 3 (which also meant I was awake). Owen got up while Macy was asleep. Needless to say we were all exhausted in the morning. But overall the night went really well. Driving through the night was so much better than driving with kids during the day! Ten hours in the car with them went by so fast since they were sleeping for a majority of it. 

July 20- The kids woke up at 6 am with the sun. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast in Kansas, not too far from the Colorado border. 

Owen enjoyed sitting at the table with us! He didn't last too long though since he couldn't sit up yet and slowly slouched down. 

A tired daddy fell asleep at Cracker Barrel*. He drove from 11pm until 6 am!
*He didn't really fall asleep. This was staged.

If you ever want to go to Cracker Barrel when it's empty go at 7 am on a Monday morning.

After a quick wardrobe change for the kids we were back on the road again. Colorado here we come!

We left our home at 2 p.m. Sunday and arrived at Tiffany's house about 4:30 Monday afternoon. That's a long time in the car!! However, the kids were amazing! Truly amazing! We stopped for lunch breaks, gas breaks, and potty breaks. We stretched our legs as much as possible. I would nurse Owen when we stopped but if he was hungry and we weren't stopping I fed him a bottle in his car seat. I seriously couldn't believe how well the kids did. I am still impressed.

Tiffany made us a delicious home cooked meal for dinner which was greatly appreciated. The kids all went to bed early (hallelujah!) so Ja and I went to bed around 9 pm. We were both exhausted!

July 21- Owen was up a few times in the night so Ja let me sleep in. I didn't even hear the kids wake up in the morning and figured they were still sleeping. Instead they were all playing downstairs in the basement. 

Tiffany was so kind and let me stay home and relax while she took the older kids to story time at the library. They also went to a park. I had some books I wanted to read so this was perfect for me :)

Owen loved this jumparoo thing. 
 Ryan was kind enough to bounce Owen a little.

Macy and Lily had fun designing block castles. 

Jeff was able to come home that night (usually he stays at his parent's during the week) so we could visit with him. 

The kids enjoyed wrestling with each other.

Owen loved sitting up in the exercauser. 

That night after another delicious home cooked meal of Tiffany's we went to an ice cream shop in Windsor. The kids all enjoyed their birthday cake flavor. Notice Anna's dress- she loved wearing Lily's clothes while we were there and changed her outfits multiple times a day. Lily wasn't too keen on the idea of Anna wearing her clothes but kindly obliged.

Owen wasn't fairing so well in the booth. 

 The ice cream shop had some fun games to play too.

July 22- Tiffany lined up the kids and put essential oils on their feet to keep them healthy.

 I thought this picture was so great! They did this all on their own.

I'm not sure how this all got started, but Macy and Lily wanted to have a lemonade stand. We didn't have lemonade so we went to the grocery store. Taking 6 little kids to the store was an adventure. We bought Country Time lemonade and cookie dough to make things easy.

These riding ponies are 1 penny so each kid got a turn. 

 The girls worked really hard on their poster! Cookies and lemonade 50 cents each!

 How could anyone resist these adorable girls?!

They brought the flag and the pinwheel flowers to spruce up their selling spot. Ja and Tiffany went out with the girls while I stayed home with the three sleeping boys,
 They made $24 at their sale! Here I am dividing up the money.

Next activity- making necklaces!

Ryan was potty training and his reward was being able to watch a show so they all joined in. 

After yet another delicious home cooked meal by Tiffany we drove to Fort Collins to go to an ice cream shop again. There was some crazy guys somewhat drumming on the corner. I guess it was enough of a beat to get the kids to dance.

 The kids were so cute walking around holding hands like this. 

We found a piano so Ja started playing Coldplay.

July 23- 
 I just had to include this picture because Owen is so cute.

On the road again! It was about a 7 1/2 hour drive to Lehi, UT. The kids did pretty well again. I did get pulled over in Wyoming for speeding. I was so grateful he only gave me a warning. I still have my perfect driving record- knock on wood. There was some fighting in the car but the girls fight at home too so there's not much difference there. Thank goodness I packed a lot of movies! Those were the saving grace!

Ja drew a few pictures on the white boards to pass the time and hopefully entertain kids (it didn't really work but he was proud of his artwork). I made them take a break in between movies and that's when the fighting and whining happened. 

Here we are driving down Provo Canyon. We were so happy to be almost to Jill and Colin's house!

This is the kids "We are excited to be in Utah" picture. We made it to our final destination! We still love each other too :) Jill was still at work which made the girls sad. She had to work early in the morning the next day too so they didn't get to see her until late. Jill and Colin's basement was huge and the set up was great for all of us. We were so grateful we could stay with them!

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