Friday, July 31, 2015

Our epic Utah and Colorado trip- Part 3

July 29- We packed up and headed back to Colorado. The drive was easy and pretty uneventful. The kids did really well again. Tiffany was amazing again and had a home cooked meal for us and then we celebrated Ryan's birthday a night early with ice cream and brownies. 
July 30- the library had a petting zoo and pony rides for free! The kids had a great time petting the donkey, sheep, goats, and llama. Macy and Anna were a little nervous about the animals but Lily and Ryan weren't afraid at all. 

Tiffany waited in line for the pony ride while I took the kids to pet the animals. Macy went on like a champ. 

This was Anna's first time on a horse! She was always to afraid before so I was proud of her for getting on. She wanted me to stand next to her for comfort. 

Since it was Ryan's birthday the girls set up this birthday spot for him in his room. He happily ate his lunch on his special spot (piled up blankets).

We left Windsor at 2 pm to start our drive back home. 

July 31- Our last day of travel!! The kids slept really well during the night. Much better than the first time we slept in the car. And they slept in too! I took these sleeping pictures at 8 a.m. Everyone was asleep by 10 p.m. but got woken up when I had to stop for gas at 2 a.m. We got gas, I fed Owen and we were off again until morning.

We reclined the back seat so the girls could sleep better. I also made sure Macy wore pj's because she got cold the first time. I can't believe they slept even with the sun in their eyes like this.

We stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast and the girls were entertained by the jam packets. 

The last hour of driving seemed to take a looong time. When the sights start looking familiar it makes you feel like you should be home already. When we finally pulled in the drive way I couldn't believe we made it home. Even as I'm writing this over a month later I still can't believe we drove all the way to Utah with three little kids and they did amazingly well. People ask if we would do it again and I say, yes, but not for a couple years. Owen was at a great stage where he can entertain himself and sleeps a lot in the car. Next summer he will be 18 months and that's an awful time to travel because he'll be wanting to get out of the car seat all the time. The girls were great because they are entertained by movies. We feel extremely blessed to drive there and back in safety. Our guardian angels must have been watching over us. Our prayers were definitely answered!

Until next time Utah...

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