Monday, August 3, 2015

July 2015

July 2- We renewed our passes at the kids museum again. On this trip Macy brought to my attention that Owen can sit in the seats in the baby/toddler section. I'm so glad she did because he loved it! I can't believe He is big enough to be sitting up playing with the big kids. Now all three kids can be happy playing in the same area!

This was Owen's first seat at the museum. He tried to put the beads in his mouth. 

I love that the museum has these seats for the kids. It keeps them contained and at the same height as the parents. My back doesn't get tired from bending over to play with them. 

I thought Owen's feet were so cute up on the wall. 

That face! He was having a blast touching the water and trying to eat a ball. He is wearing a girls bib in the picture (to try to keep him dry) so Macy wanted us to call him Suzy. 

After the water Owen played on the soft floor mat. 

Macy was a great big sister and played with Owen while I went to the bathroom. This area is geared toward 1-3 year olds so she is always hesitant to come in. I know she won't bully other kids or knock them down so if there's only one or two little ones I don't mind her coming in with us. 

July 3- our HOA put on a 4th of July party and rented this waterslide for the occasion. The company was so busy with the holiday they dropped it off the day before. The kids got to enjoy it all afternoon and evening. The little kids flew down it and got some air over the bump. It was really fun!

We had this little pool for the smaller kids and Anna had fun with it. It squirted water, had a slide, and a crocodile ball eater. 

July 4- Owen is in his "American day" outfit seating his American toes. 

I made Macy's hair into a star for our 4th of July party. 

July 6- I love having all three kids play together. 

Macy and Anna were trying to touch their tongues to their noses. 

Macy was convinced her tongue touched her nose even after seeing this picture. 

I was trying to get a picture with me and my sweet boy. I captured this gem of Owen looking up at me. I love my little boy so much!

July 7- we went to the ImaginOn library in Charlotte with Alyssa and kinzley. We had to stop and play on the big typewriter keys. 

These girls are best buds. I didn't take any pictures of the inside exhibit but it was a Clifford the big red dog exhibit. It was cute and the girls had fun delivering letters and writing letters to the characters of the books. (The exhibit was set up like the island they live on.)

My big boy Owen with his shades. 

July 10- this is Macy and Anna's new way of doing a head stand. 
July 11- you can never be too careful while eating a Popsicle. You never know what may fall on your head. 

July 13- Macy had a preschool friend have a birthday party at Latta Plantation Equestrian center. It was a really hot day but the kids had a blast. It was like a little preschool reunion. 

July 14- free food day at Chick-fil-a for dressing like a cow. We went for lunch and dinner! Both times with the Campbells. I dressed up to but didn't make it into any pictures. 

Ja was a brown jersey cow. I thought it was clever. 

I even dressed Owen up even though he doesn't eat food yet. I had to finish the family. 

July 16- Alyssa and kinzley came over to play and all the girls had fun turning this box into a car. Ja eventually taped it up and cut windows and a door to make it a van. 

July 17- Macy received some hand-me-down clothes from a girl in the ward and instantly tried them on. Most of them are size 6 so they are a bit big. I thought she looked so cute in this hat. 

July 18- Ja took the girls on a bike ride around the neighborhood. He said the extra weight made the ride challenging!

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