Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Anna is 3 years old!

Happy 3rd birthday to my spunky little Anna!

I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she replied, "a birtday tupcake!"

This was Owen's response:

Since it was her birthday I let her have a cupcake for breakfast. It only happens once a year. I'm so happy she posed for these pictures! Usually she refuses so I was very happy.

Macy had school which meant Anna got to be the spot light. I loved every minute of celebrating Anna! We had a little party with some of her friends from church. It was the same group that came over in June for the little party Macy threw for Anna. 

I had the girls dress up in princess dressed right away since they usually end up doing that anyways. I brought some of the dresses downstairs to make it easier. I mostly did this so they weren't upstairs while Owen was napping but he didn't want to miss the party and didn't nap anyways. Luckily for Miles we have the doctor jacket! He's such a happy-go-lucky kid he probably would've been happy with a princess dress.

Miles, Kinzley, Anna, Tatum 

 and now Audrey. Anna loves her friends! (Emma is not pictured)

Here is Kinzley and Emma decorating their purses. I found these at Dollar Tree. Kids love gluing things on so I found little butterfly, flower, and heart jewels to glue on the bag.

Anna and Tatum were playing a whack-your-wand-on-the-table game

Cupcake time! We sang to Anna then the girls devoured the frosting. Actually some girls at the cupcake too.

She was so happy!

Next we headed outside. I borrowed this little bounce house from our neighbor and it was the perfect size for the little kids. 

Then some of the girls ended up on the swings. Until Tatum got stung by something (we think). Then they headed back to the bounce house.

After the party Anna and I went to Five Guys for lunch. I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said McDonald's. I talked her into a better hamburger at Five Guys. The manager there asked how our day was going and I told him we were celebrating Anna's birthday. He gave us our meal for free! That was so nice of him! A birthday surprise!

When we were waiting for our food I asked Anna what she wanted to drink. She replied, "Ketchup!" and pretended to drink it. I love this girls witty sense of humor. 

She requested to sit outside so out we went. For an August day it was actually pleasant. I got a picture of her holding this hamburger but I think she only ate one bite. 

She pretty much only ate fries, and ketchup of course. I had so much fun sitting with just Anna talking to her about her favorite colors, cars parked nearby, what she wants to buy at the store, and songs she likes. 

Then we stopped at Target. Granny Dot's present was a trip to the store to buy whatever she wanted. I had so much fun going around the store with her. She picked out some Hello Kitty lipgloss first then found some nail polish. She thought she had to put the lipgloss back because she's used to me saying, "you can only get one thing!" It was so cute that I had to talk her into wanting multiple things. She also picked out a Minnie Mouse dress, a Frozen microphone, a headband, and a Barbie movie. 

When then picked up Macy from school. When we got home Anna opened her presents from my family. Great G&G Francis gave her this dress. She immediately wanted it on and danced around saying, "it's so fancy! It's so fancy!" She wore it non-stop for a few days straight. Great G&G Seymour gave her ten $1 bills. She threw them around saying, "I got monies! I got monies!" My parents gave her a Minnie Mouse backpack that she's excited to wear to preschool. 

After Owen woke up from his nap we celebrated some more with a birthday ice cream cone. 

I made pizza for dinner at Anna's request. I had such a fun day celebrating my little Anna! She is a handful at times but so thoughtful, energetic, and witty. She makes me laugh and smile every day with her funny antics! I love you my Anna! 

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