Thursday, October 1, 2015

Family update by Ja

Dorothy asked us to write a family update for her family reunion with her brothers. Ja wrote this up and I think it's great! 

Laura and I are living in Charlotte, NC. When people ask why we moved there, we respond, “It’s where the dart landed.”

While living in Washington, D.C. we felt it was time to move out of the D.C. beltway so we could afford a bigger place for our growing family. We discussed California, Colorado, Utah, and Northern Virginia.

Some of those places were too expensive for what I wanted to pay, and others just didn’t feel right. One night, out of frustration, Laura asked me, “Where can we move?” I replied, “Look at Charlotte, NC.”

We checked it out on Zillow, drove down to look at homes, and everything just felt right. We ended up moving at the end of April, 2014.

Macy just started Kindergarten and she loves it. The bus, her teacher, the discipline, the structure - everything. It seems that children nowadays are rewarded for being seen and not heard, and that suits Macy just fine. She’s also taking tap and ballet, enrolled in “Let’s Play Music,” and loves playing school when she gets home.

Anna turned 3 in August and started preschool. Fortunately, she responds better to preschool than she does to nursery. She seems to enjoy her teachers and fellow classmates. She’s also taking ballet class and loves wearing the outfit. Anna is definitely spunkier than Macy - she’s loud, wild, and very dramatic. We love it.

Owen is 9-months old and is typically pretty happy. He’s sitting up and scooting while also eating everything in sight (including leaves and sticks). He’s also the chunkiest child we’ve had.

Laura is now a Young Women counselor and just inherited more girls as a result of stake boundary changes. She loves her calling and is great at planning events and running the show. She’s also diligent at writing in our family blog, busy with sewing projects, painting our bedroom, planting a garden, saving our grass from the drought, running kids around, planning amazing meals (we recently began eating more vegetarian meals), and just overall taking care of things. I love her.

I am still a Seminary teacher and begin class around 5:55 am (though most kids are late, so we get rolling around 6:00). I’m also writing a book for young fathers and helping my brothers grow their business.

We’ve been very blessed, and our testimony of the gospel has grown a lot since moving to Charlotte. We’ve been able to share the gospel with our neighbors, experience little miracles, and learn from the testimonies of others.


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