Friday, October 30, 2015

Ja posted this on Facebook today

Scariest moment today - while on my laptop, working from home, the web page I'm looking at suddenly begins jumping up and down. Whenever I scroll up, it goes back down on its own. Then, iTunes opens up. I think to myself, "What's going on?" Then I see something that makes my heart drop - letters are being typed in the Username field and Password field.

I feel sick to my stomach. Somebody has taken over my screen and are trying to wreak havoc. They are scrolling down the web page, opening iTunes, typing in fields, and clicking on different apps that I have open. It looks like chaos, and I have no control over what they do.

In one of the fields, I see some odd spellings of words with foreign characters - "Oh crap" I think, "A Russian has access to my computer." I close the apps, even as the perpetrator continually tries to open iTunes and enter a username and password. In a panic, I turn off my laptop before anything serious can happen.

I begin wondering, "What virus did I download? How did somebody get access to my computer?" It doesn't matter - the damage is done. Now, how do I get them to stop? Will turning my computer off be enough?

When I turn my laptop on again, somebody still has control of my screen and they are still typing feverishly, clicking around, scrolling up and down the pages, and trying to open apps. 

"What are they trying to find? How can I get them to stop?" I feel helpless at this point, and think - "If they have access through the internet, maybe I can just turn my WiFi off." After closing apps as fast as the stranger is opening, I quickly navigate over to turn the WiFi off. It seems to have worked.

 Laura comes downstairs and I tell her what happened. She starts laughing. Apparently, it wasn't a Russian from APT, it wasn't a virus, and nobody is trying to steal my information - it was Owen... upstairs, in a different room, playing on a Bluetooth keyboard that is unknowingly connected to my laptop. Slamming his hands down, mashing all of the keys at once, and unknowingly taking complete control of my computer.

Pretty clever for a 10-month old.

I was laughing so hard when Ja explained this to me. I was crying from laughing. And I'm crying from laughing again right now. I was watching Owen bang on the keyboard so I know how random his typing was. He knows more keyboard shortcuts than I do!

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