Thursday, October 1, 2015

Owen's 9 month stats

I took Owen to the doctor today for his 9 month check-up. He's been sick lately so I'm glad he already had an appointment because it turns out he has an ear infection. He hasn't pulled at his ears or seemed super cranky so I was surprised. But he has had a super runny nose and drooling like crazy so there's a lot of fluid in his little (big) head. The doctor asked if he had a fever or throwing up and Owen had both! He threw up twice last night but wasn't acting sick at all. The doctor said kids with ear infections can throw up because their inner equilibrium is off. Poor Owen!!

Although he was sick he did really well at the appointment. He was calm and happy. I expected a crying unhappy baby because the appointment was right at his normal nap time. 

So here are his stats:

Height 28.5 inches (47th percentile)

Weight 20 lbs 8.5 oz (61st percentile)

Head 48 cm (97th percentile)

Look at Owen's chub! Neither of the girls were like this. He is definitely my biggest baby. Anna was always under the 10th percentile for weight and Macy hovered around the 15th. And I'm pretty sure Owen's head is bigger than Anna's head right now!

I love this chubby little guy! 

He cant believe how much he's grown!

This mirror kept in occupied for a good while. He's trying to eat the other baby. 

In this one it looks like he's trying to old the other baby's hand. 

Now he's concerned the other baby is going to steal his lotion. 

Owen's first kiss!

Here's me and my baby in the waiting room. He loves to chew on my little hand sanitizer bottle. 

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