Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015

Here a few pictures to recap our October.

I know I already shared this one of Owen but it's too cute not to share again. It should be entered in a caption contest.

This was the amazing blanket fort Ja made for General Conference. The kids were entertained inside listening to conference. 

I love my clean little ducky.

During the last session of conference Macy wanted to do my hair. She said she can only do buns.

Another way to be entertained while watching conference.

Owen loves the shopping cart with the steering wheel. As you can see he is throughly entertained by it. Anna enjoys it too and this make shopping so much easier!

We had a "come as you are" night for Young Women's. We all dressed up with our hobbies and interests. This was a perfect activity because we just combined with a new ward so we had new girls that night for the first time. Some girls got really creative with their outfits. I wore a chef hat, by bike jersey, sunglasses, red shoes, and my baby ergo.

Owen is gumming this baby squash. I had to take a picture because I have the exact picture of Macy doing this around his same age.

When my parents came to visit we took them to a Robbins Park. Across the street from the park is bamboo. The girls had fun playing in it.

Our stake had a fall festival. There were a ton of people despite the rain the entire time of the event. The girls got their faces painted, ate cotton candy and ice cream, we ate dinner, and listened to a concert.

Alyssa were so excited for the concert to begin. They were hugging and jumping up and down. We listened to the Red Head Express.

Alyssa, Lucas, Macy at the concert

My mom took this adorable picture of Anna at the mall.

So, this morning at the grocery store Anna had a quiet protest. She wanted me to carry her around the store and refused to walk or get in the cart. I put her in the cart and she was screaming and trying to climb out. I put her down here in the isle and she stood her for a good 5 minutes without moving. I even went down other isles and she didn't care. The lady in the isle with her was concerned I was leaving Anna. After 5 minutes I hugged Anna then she was done with her protest and walked with me.

More of my cute boy.

One morning after getting in the shower Anna went downstairs all by herself. This is how I found her. She pushed a chair over to the counter, then got the bag of leftover pizza from the fridge and began eating it.

Macy's school isn't allowed to have the kids dress up in costumes for Halloween so they disguise it by saying they have to dress up as a character in a book. All the 3rd or 4th graders were Minions and the teachers were characters from Despicable Me. It was so cute!

Macy is the angel. I couldn't get a picture of her face! I was watching her and my camera wouldn't take the picture in time before her backed was turned.

The next day Anna dressed up for preschool. She had a super cute Minnie Mouse dress but insisted on wearing this pink dress. I'm not sure who or what she is but it's a dress up dress so I guess it works.

We carved pumpkins and tried to get a picture of all three kids. The girls are so helpful, right? The girls helped get all the seeds out of the pumpkins. (Anna calls them beads.)

Owen's first pumpkin! Macy picked out a silly face for his pumpkin.

Macy's funny pumpkin

Anna wanted a castle on her pumpkin. She posed like this all on her own.

I thought this was a sweet moment between Owen and Ja.

Anna likes to play school and do Show and Share. She pretends to be multiple children so she can talk about multiple toys. It's very cute. I, as the other students, have to ask her questions about her toy.

I just love these pants of Owen's. The front of the shirt says, "I'm batty for Mommy."

This is Macy and her favorite babysitter Emily at our ward Halloween party.

Heres our whole family shot. It looks like Anna is running away but she wanted to sit on the hay bale farther away from us. She also refused to wear her minnie mouse ears. Ja was Superman, I, Lois Lane, Macy an angel, and Owen a fluffy chick.

This was the only picture I got on Halloween night. The kids were too busy trick or treating to pose for a picture. I was too busy pushing the stroller. I had to run to keep up with the kids!

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