Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cute things from Macy and Anna

Anna got pink eye this week. After a couple days of having pinkish eyes I called the doctor and they gave me a prescription for eye drops. As I tried to put them in her eyes I told Anna what they were for- to make the pink eye go away. To which she replied, "So my eyes can be brown again and not pink?" I love that in her mind she thought her eyes had changed color to pink. 

I laughed because I thought it was so cute. Of course she started crying because she hates being laughed at. She probably feels we are making fun of her when in reality she is so dang cute it makes me laugh. Sometimes I have to tell her, "Anna you make me so happy I laugh/smile" so she won't cry. 

Macy has been wanting me around her a lot lately. I ate lunch with her at school yesterday and today she got sad at the bus stop and wanted me to take her to school. We ate breakfast together in the cafeteria. I walked her to her classroom and she walked right in without a backward glance. 

After school she showed me a card she made for me during morning work. 

After a series of questions I was able to figure out why she made it. She sat down to do her morning work and started to cry a little bit. Someone at her table told Mrs. Orlofsky that Macy was crying. When asked why she was crying she said she missed her mom. I love the innocence and honesty of a kindergartner. So Mrs. Orlofsky suggested that she make me a card. Isn't that sweet? I forget that Macy is still a little girl and can miss her mommy! I'm loving it. 

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