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Christmas Break 2015- Part 1

We decided to go home for Christmas this year since my siblings could be there too. We haven’t all been together in a long time so I was excited to go. The night before our flight we were second guessing ourselves because flying with kids is no fun! But there was no turning back.

December 19- Our flight left at 8:20 a.m. It was a rush to get out the door and to the airport. I’m so glad our friend Chelsie dropped us off because the airport was super busy! We were not expecting how busy it was and it was an absolute miracle we made our flight. We got in the security line at the same time our plane was boarding. Macy and I said many prayers that we would make our flight somehow. The TSA agent said it was an hour wait from where we were standing! That was not going to work! I asked if we could somehow get through since our plane was boarding. He said we would have to ask everyone in line in front of us if they would allow that. We waited in line a few minutes more then Ja was moved by the Spirit. He jumped into the employee’s only line so we could walk right up to the front. The TSA agent there said, “Are we making this a family line now?” Ja said no, but we needed a favor. She said, “I normally don’t do this” but let us go through. We literally sprinted to the plane. I didn’t have my shoes on right, had a big backpack on, was carrying Anna who was also wearing a back pack, and had two bags on my other arm. I felt like I was hardly moving! We were out of breath but we made the flight!! It was a miracle! Our prayers were definitely answered! 

The kids were amazing on the flight. Another answer to prayers. Anna and Macy played with the toys I brought and hardly watching movies on the phone like I anticipated. Owen liked to tear up magazines and actually fell asleep on Ja’s lap.

We had nice flight attendants and talkative people next to us that helped pass the time. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better flight.

Dorothy and Greg picked us up at LAX. We stopped at Inn-in-Out for lunch on our way home. The kids played all day and Owen napped. Owen got to be fed in the highchair that all the other cousins have been fed in.

That night we celebrated Owen’s birthday. He got a couple presents that he enjoyed. He looked very surprised when we sang to him.

 Macy took this ribbon from his present and put it in her hair like Matilda.


Owen was up multiple times in the night and had a really hard time falling back asleep. It was a long, tiring night.

December 20- Owen was up for good at 5 a.m. He had a slight fever so I gave him some tylenol. All throughout the day he was cranky and required tylenol.

We went to church in La Canada. Since this was the Sunday before Christmas they had their Christmas program. Dorothy was in charge of the program this year since she is the choir director. She did a great job. There was singing, instruments, children singing, and a full choir.

We hung out at the house while the kids played. Owen discovered the tupperware cupboard. He was good and didn't make too much of a mess.
Another rough night with Owen! Man, this kid is exhausting!

December 21- Dorothy insisted that Ja and I go to a movie. We decided to see the Hunger Games movie. Then we went to lunch at Blaze pizza. Maria was at the house to help with the kids. She was able to get Owen to take a nap without crying. He was friendly towards her which is different than the girls. Sometimes when Anna couldn't see Maria she'd ask me, "where is the black mommy?"

The girls made cookies with Granny Dot. Anna was very helpful and concentrated very intently while scooping them out. She scooped them all by herself.

They also made sugar cookies to decorate for Santa.

Then the girls went swimming in the hot tub. They loved it and I could hear their laughter and splashes upstairs (I was trying to take a nap.)

That night we drove up to Valencia to ride on an old fashioned fire truck to look at Christmas lights. We bundled up warm and snuggled together in blankets. The kids had a great time. Macy loved waving at the people we drove past. We enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate on the ride too.

It started to drizzle but I didn't notice it that much once we started driving. We got  to sit in the front of the truck and Macy got to pull the string to make the siren go. She thought she had to continuously pull the string so she got tired of doing it.

Poor Anna was  exhausted and feel asleep on my lap toward the end of the ride. I think all the kids feel asleep on the way home.

December 22- Dorothy wanted to take Macy shopping for her birthday. I knew Macy would like the one-on-one time so we scheduled that for today. Dorthy asked Macy where she wanted to go and she said Target! I knew there were a lot of things she wanted there. She came home with a doll, clothes, crayons, paint, giant coloring books, and a Minnie toy for Anna. 

Dorothy asked where Macy wanted to go for lunch and she said hot dogs (what?) so they went to Wiernerschnitzel.

They were gone for 6 hours because they ended up doing other errands too. So the rest of us got to hang out at home. Anna found a few new outfits in the closet in the cousins room. We discovered Owen loves peas so Anna tried to feed him. She's a great big sister and is so helpful with Owen.

After dinner we decided to see the Christmas lights at the LA temple. We bundled up again and headed out. (Sans Owen- Dorothy kept him at home so he could get to bed on time.) 

I’d forgotten how huge the LA temple is! It’s massive! I’m used to our tiny, tiny, tiny Columbia temple. I think our whole temple could fit into LA’s cafeteria.

It was fun to see the lights and the girls had fun running around the huge grassy field. I showed the girls where I put up lights when I was a teenager. We also enjoyed seeing all the Christmas trees in the visitors center. Then we headed home and put the girls to bed. 

Owen had another really rough night with not much sleep. Agghh! 

December 23- Guess what Owen now has in his mouth? Two new teeth (front top)! That’s why he was so cranky and now sleeping! I’m glad they popped through quickly. Owen was in much better spirits today.

Happy 6th birthday Macy! She woke up first and came into bed with me to get a birthday snuggle.

We had a full day planned! This is all Macy’s request:

First, Kid Space. We took all three kids and we had a great time. The weather was actually cold for California so we didn’t play in the water like we usually do but still had a great time. 

Anna and I climbed all the way to the top of the climbing tower. Macy was a little scared so she only went halfway.

I love that Macy is wearing her “happy” shirt on her birthday!  

Macy did a great job riding around on the trike with Anna tagging along. I think this was their favorite part. 
Correction- I asked Macy what she liked most about Kid Space and she said ordering lunch there. I guess we don’t go to lunch often because she loves it when we do.

They added a new greenhouse section to play in and the girls enjoyed playing in the dirt and digging up vegetables. Owen fell asleep in the stroller right about this time. 
Anna either has a bean stuck to her nose or a booger in the above picture.

Macy always enjoys a rock climbing wall.


After Kid Space we came home and Darin, Rachel, and Wesley were there! Papa wanted to take us out on the motor home and Macy’s birthday was the perfect day to do it. When we drove about an inch a bunch of water came spilling into the motor home right onto Greg’s back. It had been raining the last day and apparently there was a leak. So with a wet back, Greg drove us down to the Rose Bowl and set everything up.

After the motor home, we put Owen down for a much needed nap at 3 p.m. 

Macy was a little sad she didn't have any surprises to open on her birthday. So I hid the things she got with Dorothy around the house and we played hot and cold so she could find them. 

I left to go pick up Macy’s birthday cake from Cakery Bakery. She picked out a Barbie cake!

Per Macy’s request we went to a pizza place in Montrose for dinner. We table situation was a little difficult because it was counter height. That meant no high chairs for the babies, but we still had a good time and Macy enjoyed her pizza.

After dinner we took some cousin pictures. Anna didn't want to get in at first so Macy is holding the boys. They probably weigh as much as her! Wesley was so cute and had that cute little smile on his face the whole time.

Then Anna wanted to join in. The boys look just as big as the girls do!

Owen really wanted to hold Wesley's hand.

Finally it was cake time. Macy picked out the wavy candles and placed them in the cake herself,

It was a huge cake! We only ate a fourth of it-maybe.

Then after that super busy day it was finally time to go to bed!

December 24- Today we headed down to Yorba Linda to spend some time with my family. Owen napped a little in the morning and I packed up all our stuff. It takes awhile to gather everything when toys are spread all throughout the house! 

Dorothy helped the girls frost and decorate the cookies for Santa. She didn’t have sprinkles so Santa enjoyed M&M’s, chocolate chips, and chocolate hearts on his cookies. I think Anna ate just as many chocolate hearts herself.

Dorothy wanted the girls to put some more ornaments on her tree so they did that this morning. 

I got the girls in the bath and they wanted to use the jets. When I turned them on the water got a little bubbly just from the soap that rinsed from their bodies. I thought it would be fun to add a little bit more for them. I left to finish packing and Dorothy went to go check on them. I guess I put too much soap in! The bubbles got so high Anna couldn’t sit in the bath and see over them. They drained the water and started over. Ops!

 Owen and Wesley got in the bath together for some fun times in the water.

Greg let Ja drive the motor home to the Rose Bowl this morning too.
After that Ja and Darin went to see the new Star Wars movie.

We ate some lunch...

then it was finally time to go to Yorba Linda!

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