Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Break 2015- Part 2

December 24- After a lot of traffic we finally made it to Yorba Linda!

Stacie, Randy, Volcom, Kenny, Elle, and Landon were there. Landon and Owen are now 1 year old and we met Landon for the first time. It's so sad it took a year to meet him. I felt like I saw him grow up on Facebook and Cluster so I didn't feel too left out. The dads took the kids to the park so the moms could get dinner ready for the rest of the Seymour clan. We actually wrapped presents for my kids most of the time :)

We had a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa Seymour, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Steve, Derek, Lisa, Griff, and Delaney. We ate a ham dinner then did a gift exchange. We all put in a $10 gift in the middle of the room. We then went around rolling two dice and if you rolled two 6's then you chose a gift. After you opened it someone could steal it from you if they rolled two 6's. We ended up getting two adult coloring books that Macy and Anna enjoy. We originally had a "Bucket List" metal bucket, so I stole the coloring books from my dad. I joked and said he's more likely to need a bucket list than I am.

We also celebrated Landon's, Owen's, Macy's, and my dad's birthdays.

Sadly, I didn't take a single picture that night. I was a little occupied with a cranky Owen and didn't think about pictures. Plus, we were going to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa that Sunday so I'd take pictures with them then. Now that I know the events that would play out the next couple of days I'm very sad I didn't take any pictures that night. I had no idea it would be the last time I would see Grandma Seymour alive.

December 25-  Stacie and Randy slept over at his parent's house so we waited to open presents once they got to our house. It was fun to have so many people in the house again! We barely fit!

Of course it was sad not to have Jill and Colin with us. We did FaceTime with them while mom and dad opened their "Why We Believe" book.

We had a pancake, egg, and sausage breakfast together. I think everyone was watching Santa Claus 2 in this picture. (Volcom was watching Finding Nemo on the computer- his favorite.) 

Landon is a good little walker!

It was fun to have little kids around again to open fun presents!

Macy and Anna got digital cameras from Santa. I'm so glad we gave them to the girls because they had fun taking pictures of everyone. After lunch we all went to Tri City Park to feed the ducks and play. Macy made a new friend and they took pictures together. Macy only played with her for about 20 minutes but whenever she looks back on the pictures on her camera she says, "That's my friend!"Ja had the kids (especially Volcom) squealing with joy at the playground. There was a little table there so the kids sat at it and ordered from the "restaurant." Ja would bring out a big pile of wood chips as their food but would trip or sneeze and throw the wood chips over the table, or over them. They thought that was hilarious. After a while Macy started to give her order then say, "And don't sneeze!"

Later that night we got together with the Francis family for dessert and presents. Macy and Owen got more birthday presents that night too. Again, I didn't take any pictures but Macy sure did with her camera! I'll have to do a post with her photos.

December 26- We wanted to do something fun as a family so we drive down to San Juan Capistrano. Grandma Seymour had given some of us Ruby's gift cards so we went to lunch together. It's fun being all together. We had to wait awhile for a table to fit all of us. The kids were great because their was a rotating train engine and a train up above us that entertained them all.

We eventually put Owen on the rotating platform. Not for too long though.

I loved the concern on Volcom's face. Anytime the train would go out of sight he'd get sad and say, "Where train go?!"

Here's the whole group! Landon is next to Elle in a high chair and I'm taking the picture.

These boys loved their french fries. We got the sweet potato fries and they were so good!

After lunch we walked for a few minutes to a petting zoo.

Landon loved poking Owen in the mouth and eyes. Owen didn't enjoy the eye gouging too much.

Anna was pretty brave with the little guinea pigs. We bought a vegetable tray so the kids could feet them. Anna had to fear and fed them little carrots and then little pieces of lettuce. She let them eat let lettuce right out of her hands.

 You can see Anna's hand feeding the lettuce in the below picture. Macy pet some but was a little tot timid to pick them up. I have to admit it was a little scary at first to pick them up because they would scramble to get out of my hands.

The girls liked brushing the goats and sheep. When the sheep would stand up it would look Anna straight in the eyes. She was a little nervous about this but not as scared as I would've been if I met an animal at my eye level!

In the middle of our time at the petting zoo Owen pooped so I went to change him. The changing table is outside in a place where there are lots of people walking by. While I had the diaper off Owen decided to poop some more. It was a big mess and I only had one diaper, a small amount of wipes, and the changing pad with me. I had no one to help with the mess so I had to wrap Owen in the changing pad to get my mom to help. I didn't have extra clothes for Owen and I had just used my last diaper. Later on I found out I had formula but no bottle to put it in! I did a terrible job packing for the day!

The highlight of this petting zoo was the corn bin. The kids loved it! Owen and Landon liked eating it so we had to be diligent in keeping it out of their mouths. Macy and Anna filled their shoes like buckets and dumped it over each other's heads- even Owen's.

Stacie lied down in the corn and we told the kids to bury her. Volcom was unaware of the burying at first. The girls covered most of her legs when Volcom came over, noticed his mommy is covered, and yells, "No! Mommy!" and frantically pushes the corn off. I thought it was pretty funny. It's sweet how concerned he was about his mommy and how she might be hurt.

I wanted to get a picture of my parents with all their grandkids. Macy and Anna would not be a part of it and you can see Volcom didn't want to be either. So we tried with the little boys since they don't really care. Of course with two little boys it was hard to get everyone to look at the camera (including my dad!) but it's documented.

There were a couple of ornaments hanging just above their heads and once Landon and Owen discovered those I couldn't get them to look at me anymore.

After the petting zoo we drove over to Stacie and Randy's new house in San Clemente. They moved in at the beginning of the summer so this was our first time seeing it. They live in a nice neighborhood on a cul-de-sac and only 10 minutes to the beach! Lucky them! We had fun hanging out and the kids played with all of Volcoms toys. He was generous and shared very well. I had to take this picture from the side because I didn't want my kids to see me. They were playing very well and I knew once they saw me it would all be over.

I wanted to try again to get a picture of the grandkids with my parents. This time Volcom didn't want Stacie to leave and Anna wouldn't let Ja leave. Macy wouldn't sit on the couch. I had the idea to put on a movie so the kids would at least be looking towards me.

I had to bribe Macy with $2  to get her to sit on the couch with everyone. That made Anna upset because she didn't want to share Ja's lap. It's hilarious how the three little boys are perfectly happy and the two girls are being difficult and not cooperating. Ja said that's the difference between girls and boys. But we got a picture with all 5 grandkids, right? Owen and Landon get the reward for best behaved.

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