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Christmas Break 2015- Part 3

Part 3 was definitely the worst part of the trip. But I also loved it.

December 27- 4:30 a.m. I hear the phone ring. It rings and rings but my parents don't answer it. (I thought my mom had a phone right by her bed. Turns out they got rid of that.) I hear the answering machine go off. It's Grandpa Seymour saying Grandma is in the hospital. I think about answering it but then think there's nothing I can do about her so I'll try to go back to sleep.

Then Owen wakes up crying. I'm begging him to go back to sleep in my mind. He doesn't so I go in his room to try to get him back to sleep. While I'm in there the phone rings again. Someone else leaves a message but I can't make out the words.

The phone rings and third time. I decided someone really wants to talk to us so I answered it. It was Grandpa again. He was crying. He said Grandma is in the hospital and she's not going to make and I need to tell my dad. That startles me awake. I tell my parents and they rush off to the hospital.

I told them to assess the situation when they get there and let me know if I should also come to see Grandma one last time. About 5:30 a.m. I get a text from my mom I should come and Kenny should come with me. I left Owen (who never fell back asleep) with Ja and frantically try to get a hold of Kenny who is sleeping across the street. Finally at 6  I'm able to get through to Elle. Kenny and I race to the hospital. We found out Stacie was also on her way over.

We enter the room and encounter a very somber situation. Grandma was in a coma on her bed. Grandpa was in a chair next to her. Aunt Kathy and Aunt Steve were on the couch. No one was saying anything. I think we were all in shock. Aunt Kathy said she thought she was coming to the hospital with Grandma and would go home later that afternoon just like they've done before.

I took this picture of my hand with Grandma. I always thought our wedding rings were similar so I wanted to have one last picture of them together.
Grandma fell around 3:30 a.m. Grandpa helped her up and tried to get her back to bed when she started vomiting. He called 911. She was alert and talking when they took her in for a CT scan. After the scan she went into a coma. The CT scan showed she had a brain aneurysm.  We don't know if the fall caused it for if she already had the aneurysm and that's what caused the fall.

Of course we were all very surprised by this because we had seen her two days before and she was happy and healthy. Aunt Kathy said grandma cooked dinner on Christmas.

Eventually Stacie, Lisa, Griff, Delany, Ja, Elle, Landon, Randy come to the hospital. Jill was able to get a flight that came in at 1pm so Ja picked her up. Kevin was able to come in that evening as well. We were all able to spend a lot of time reminiscing about Grandma and the fun times we had growing up together. I had Grandpa tell the story of how he and Grandma met and how he knew she was the one he wanted to marry.

The mood in the room got better as the day went on. However, Grandma did not get better. When I got there that morning she would move her legs a little and seemed to have life in her. As the day progressed she stopped moving and once Ja got there he felt she was already gone.

Throughout the day some people from Grandpa's ward came to visit. President Williams who is in their stake presidency came with Grandpa's bishop. President Williams was the bishop when Aunt Karen passed away and has helped Grandpa and Grandma come back to church. They were able to give Grandpa a blessing. I'm so mad at myself that I didn't record it. President gave a powerful blessing about the atonement and coming to Christ so Grandpa doesn't feel lonely.

Everyone decided to go home around 8 p.m. We all needed sleep and no one had any idea how long Grandma would stay alive. My parents stayed at the hospital so Aunt Kathy could go home and shower. Then she would return. As my siblings and I were walking out of the hospital I said I hoped Grandma would go soon for Grandpa's sake. It's hard waiting around not knowing how long to wait. She wasn't on any life support. Kenny and I were driving home together when we got a call at 8:15. Grandma had taken her last breath. I couldn't believe that it was minutes after we all said our good-byes to her. The nurse told my mom that happens a lot. The family says good-bye for the night then the person leaves. 

It took me a long time to fall asleep that night because I was thinking about Grandpa. How would it be not having your wife around after being married for 57 years?

Thankfully Ja was able to drop the kids off at Dorothy's house so I could spend the day with Grandma and my family. After he got them settled he picked up Jill and came to the hospital too. I was so grateful to know my children were being taken care of someone who loves them. That made staying at the hospital all day so much easier for me. Dorothy even sent me some pictures. They discovered Owen loves spaghetti! He inhales the stuff!

 December 28- My siblings and I went to Grandpa's house to hang out and help in some way. Mostly I wanted to be with family again after the somehow enjoyable day yesterday. Again, we enjoyed being together and thinking about Grandma and her life. She was a kind, loving woman who always helped those around her.

We took a short break from Grandpa's because Aunt Kathy was having a hard time with losing her mom. We decided to visit Aunt Karen's grave which is a few minutes away.

We ate Inn-in-out for lunch and just stayed at Grandpa's house. I loved being all together with no worries of needing to be somewhere else. No one was trying to leave, no one was pulling on my pant leg. It was so enjoyable to just be together.

My siblings and I took a picture together on Grandma's couch. We can't remember the last time we took a sibling picture!

Ja brought the kids back to Yorba Linda that night because they were asking for me. I helped put them to bed.

December 28- My parents wanted us to have somewhat of a normal day today. I took the girls to get real donuts at Kenny' donuts. They were so good and I can't believe we didn't go back again!

It started out with a visit to the CVS minute clinic. Macy had been complaining about her ear hurting for a couple days and last night she was up a lot crying about it. I took her in and she did have an ear infection. We picked up an antibiotic and were on our way home.  We didn't have to wait too long but Anna kept herself busy playing with the little cars at CVS.

The girls love their Aunt Jill
 After Owen's nap we headed over to Downtown Disney for beignets. We had fried dough for breakfast so why not have more for a snack! They were hot right out of the frier. I don't think I've had them that fresh before because these beignets were extra delicious! Even Owen enjoyed them.

We walked around for a little bit and played at the Lego store. We didn't stay very long because Elle was at home with Landon napping and we didn't want her to be alone for too long.

That night Grandpa and Grandma Francis came over for dinner. I couldn't believe Owen let Grandpa hold him and I was standing right in front of him! I was glad I could capture this cute picture.

 December 30- I honestly can't remember what we did this day. I don't have any other pictures than this cute one of Owen and Jill.

Oh, the girls went shopping for maternity clothes for Jill. We went to Kohls because Grandma Seymour had Kohls cash in her wallet. We all decided Jill needed it to buy maternity clothes because she didn't have any!

I know Colin drove in from Utah that night. We had to switch around kids so Jill and Colin could have a room. Macy, Anna, and I were in a bedroom together. The first night I slept on the floor while the girls were on the bed. After that Anna slept on the floor and Macy and I slept on the bed. Ja and Owen were in the other room together. Owen would start off in the pack n' play but Ja would bring him into bed when he woke up in the middle of the night.

December 31- New Year's Eve! The whole Seymour clan drove out to Pasadena so Jill could get an ultrasound by Greg. The baby looks good and she is measuring large for her dates :)

We went to La Canada afterwards to have lunch from New Moon. Dorothy knows it's my favorite so she suggested it. As usual we ordered too much food so it made for yummy leftover the next couple days. The kids had fun playing with all of the toys. Macy was excited that Volcom got to see her other grandma's house.

My little family stayed in La Canada so Owen could take a good nap. Everyone else went back to Yorba Linda. Ja and I stopped at BevMo to pick up some root beer for our Annual Root Beer tasting contest. We had twelve to taste. Macy and Anna helped me cover up the labels so the marketing wouldn't sway our votes.

After Owen's nap we headed back to YL. Macy was still crying every two hours about her ear hurting. The amoxicillin should have kicked in by now! I couldn't deal anymore with the crying every two hours all throughout the night and wanted her to feel better! We found another clinic I could take her to that was still open at 7 p.m. on New Year's Eve. What a blessing!

This doctor said Macy had a double ear infection in her right ear (inner and outer ear) and another one in her left ear. My poor girl! He prescribed a stronger antibiotic and some ear drops. Another miracle was we found a pharmacy still open too! We got home and somehow got Macy to take her medicine. She said it was disgusting! The first couple doses took her 30 minutes to finish because she hated how it tasted. Putting drops in her ears was also a pain. But she did it and after that first dose I could tell she was feeling better! The next day I hardly had to give her tylenol. What a blessing. 

Macy said the lady at CVS should be fired for giving her the wrong medicine. Now, back at home, every time we pass a CVS she says, "CVS! Those doctors should be fired!"

We finally had our root beer contest and after some good ones and some not very good ones (So duh!) we found a winner- Fitz's. I think that one has won in the past before. I don't think anyone stayed up until midnight. I was up giving Macy some tylenol but no on else was awake. 

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