Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free Book from Hotprints

I've learned that you can make one free photo book from Hotprints every month. I made my first one as an experiment and was happy with the book.

-it's a free photo book
-you can make books for kids or make as gifts
-can change the background, text, layouts for each book

-Isn't the best quality, but pretty good for a free book
-there are 2 pages of advertisements in the middle of the book, don't worry they can be removed

-you can only do 16 pages
-your address and a bar code are on the back cover

But hey, beggars can't be choosers! I'll probably be making one each month. This book was the story of Macy's first trip to California and all her adventures.

Try it out!


Julie and David Chubbuck said...

Okay! I made a 'hotbook' lol, we'll see how it turns out! Thanks for the tip. Macy is adorable!!!

Chelsey said...

WHAT? that is awesome. I will totally make one. Those can get some expensive, so it's nice to get on for free. Yours looks so cute!