Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sleeping Question

How do you get your baby to sleep when all she wants to do in the crib is roll over which causes her to get stuck on her stomach and makes her upset? We have been swaddling her, but she gets out of it so quickly now it doesn't do much good. I think this is the reason why she's been waking me up every 2 hours at night. She gets undone then can't go back to sleep. I've decided we shouldn't swaddle her anymore, but then she doesn't sleep because she just rolls over and gets mad.

What should we do? Is this another one of those times when we're going to have to let her cry herself to sleep?

(FYI: Macy does know how to roll from her stomach to back, I think she just forgets that she can.)


Amy said...

Oh man, I remember that. I started to swaddle her from the underarms down before getting rid of it altogether. Then once that didn't work, I'd just go in and roll her back over. That lasted a few weeks, and then once I knew she could get herself out of the corner I stopped going in. And then that was it. Good luck - everything is a phase and a transition.

Becca and Colby said...

Colby and I opted for buying the bigger swaddle me, but eventually you're going to face what Amy mentioned. We went on vacation the week we decided to stop swaddling him and just didn't tell the grandparents that he was used to being swaddled. He was 9 mos at the time. Don't judge. They said that all they did at that point was tell Jacks to lie down and he did. But they told him to lie down and go to sleep a lot before he did fall asleep.

Alicia said...

Aww man. We had the same problem with Jon and we had to let him cry it out. Bonus though: Even though we weren't trying to get him to sleep through the night, just sleep unswaddled, we got a two for one. Good luck!

Chelsey said...

I think this is a phase that won't last too long. She'll get better at remembering that she can roll back over...but every two hours during the night is no fun at all!!! I think she is at the age when we stopped swaddling Truman because he was too wiggly and would get out of it anyway. I think I'm with Amy though...I'd just go roll her over and get some rest!