Monday, May 3, 2010

Macy in New York City!

Jonathan, Macy, my sister-in-law Tiffany, and I drove up to New York City to see my mother-in-law at the American Mother's Convention. (Really the convention was just an excuse to see New York again.) We were so glad we went! Here are some details of the trip:

Macy pooped in the car and unfortunately we were a little lost in a bad part of the city so we didn't want to stop to change her. When we arrived at the hotel I looked at her pants and noticed they were soaked up and down her legs. That couldn't be a good thing. So Macy's first stop in NY was a bath! It's a great thing babies don't care they are sitting in their own filth for a couple of hours. 

Her second stop was a nap next to daddy. All that driving really wore her out.

That night Tiffany, Jonathan, and I went to see the show "In the Heights." Dorothy watched Macy while going to meetings and dinner for the convention. This is why she won Mother of the Year in California- she watched our child while at her own convention so we could go see a show. 

Saturday we took a stroll through Central Park to enjoy the beautiful weather. That park is so beautiful. We are very glad someone had the idea to build a gigantic park in the middle of a very crowded city.

Macy was asleep for most of the walk (as you can see in the picture) but woke up just long enough to let us  take a cute picture. 

Our cute little family.

                                            The Apple Store               Tiffany and I in Central Park

The rest of the weekend was filled with good food, another musical (The Addams Family- Tiffany watched Macy for us this time), visiting, and church on Sunday. We drove home after church and again all that driving wore Macy out. I just love the sleeping pictures! 

Thanks for the great trip Dorothy!


Jenna said...

Macy is so cute. I love the picture of her in the white towel. Also, I am very jealous of you going to broadway plays. Jenna and I saw Wicked in L.A. and it was awesome. No other plays compare after seeing Broadway.

Becca and Colby said...

Sooo cute! Beautiful pic of the park! You really have been quite the traveler! If you are ever in La Canada for a while, give me a call!

Chelsey said...

That is so much fun!!! That is great that you have willing babysitters so you can go to the fun shows. That picture you took in central park is gorgeous! I so wish we could have been there to enjoy the good weather...and Andrew wishes he could have been with you on your visit to the apple store. Tell Dorothy congrats from us on being Mother of the Year...again!

Amy said...

You're amazing for traveling so much with macy! I flew twice with Ava and that was enough. Although, Ava was crawling already when I flew with her and she just wanted to get down...making it a nightmare for me. Looks like you're having so much fun!