Monday, December 20, 2010

I just want to cuddle!

We now have good proof that Macy has turned into a cuddler. 

Evidence #1: Her first victim: cousin Lily.
Lily was on the floor minding her own biz, when over crawls Macy. After many attempts at poking Lily's eyes out Macy begins to put her head on Lily's stomach. The parents rush in to save Lily's little organs. 

Then Macy tries the same move again. With close supervision the parents allow Macy to continue her move out of their own curiosity. Turns out all Macy wanted to do was cuddle next to cute Lily.

Evidence #2: Cuddling with the Dad
At first it didn't appear Macy was in the cuddling mood; she was a little wired and crazy.

Then she slowly starting showing signs of tiredness. The binkie entered the scene and sped up the process.

 The scene eventually turned into a full cuddling session with daddy.

Evidence #3: This time no binkie required.
This time Macy is more experienced in the art of the cuddle so it doesn't take long and it doesn't take a binkie. All she needed the perfect timing and the perfect arm to lean on. Oh, and a good candy cane to suck on.

Evidence #4: She even likes to cuddle with boys.
Macy first attempts to play with Grant's luscious locks as a hint. Grant, however, is the typical boy and can't read the signs that Macy was trying to cuddle with him. After this attempt at cuddling it may take Macy a few days to get the confidence to cuddle again. She felt rejected.

In case you were ever doubting Macy's cuteness here is good solid evidence that she is super cute.

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