Friday, December 17, 2010

Macy turns One..

In only 6 days! It's amazing how one year can fly by. Even though she is getting cuter by the day, it still breaks my heart that she won't be a baby for much longer! Because she is so cute and funny I wanted to post a few things about her:

  • she loves to take baths
  • she loves to play with the faucet and hot and cold handles while in the bath. 
  • she also loves to suck the water out of her wash cloth while in the bath
  • she loves to hold the wash cloth that is full of water of the edge of the tub getting me all wet
  • she loves to eat finger food and won't eat much out of the jar (since she doesn't have teeth yet the food has to be easily gummed)
  • she is starting to like books and will sit in my lap and "read' with me for a minute or two at a time
  • she also likes to cuddle now, if only for a minute at a time (it sure melts my heart when she does)
  • still likes to suck on things (as evidenced by sucking on the shampoo bottle in the bath)
  • her hair is growing even though she still looks semi-bald
  • she loves our piano and points and says "uh! uh!" until we let her play
  • she loves to dances and dances any time she hears music (this morning someone was hammering downstairs and she even started dancing to that)
  • she still loves her binkie
  • she knows that her night light gets plugged into the wall and will try to plug it in herself
  • she is pretty good about getting all dressed up to go out in the cold weather
  • she is taking steps on her own if we help her off
  • her favorite toys are ones that light up and play music
  • she loves to push all sorts of buttons
  • she is beginning to love her dad more and want to play with him more rather than just me
  • she is social and loves to play and watch other kids
  • she points at things that she wants and says "uh, uh" until we get them for her
  • she loves to "flip" her binkie. This is especially funny because her binkie doesn't have a right or wrong way. Her dad also did this when he was a baby.

I could go on and on about cute little Macy, but I figure that's a good list to get me started. I'm so grateful to have her and she gives my life purpose, love, and happiness.

Here is another picture to make you smile.


Chelsey said...

cute photos. That's a great list that you'll love to look back on. Happy Birthday, MACY!

Marel and Tom Stock! said...

what a doll! Love her!

Becca and Colby said...

Love this post! She just makes me laugh with her wrinkled nose picture face!

Ken S said...

I love all the posts, photos and videos! I feel like I am watching Macy grow up even though she is 3000 miles away! Keep up the good work Laura!