Thursday, December 23, 2010

Macy's 1st Birthday

Our family was nice enough to come celebrate for yet another party for Macy on the 23rd. She received tons of presents and eventually understood that she could rip the paper off the boxes. (The next day on Christmas Eve she really understood and walked around to whoever had a present and wanted to unwrap it.)
My sister-in-law Holly made this birthday hat for Macy. You can she how much she loved it.

Yummy dinner. Macy is hiding behind her cup.

Aunt Jill was helping Macy eat her dinner.

Macy liked her presents but had some fun with the box.

 She looked soooo cute in this hat but wouldn't keep it on.

Macy's cake. It was chocolate so it would show up on her face better.

 She slowly started to pick up the cupcake.

The proud parents. FYI: most of the mess on Macy's face was done by her dad.

But she did make a good mess of the cupcake. I don't think she ate too much.

Macy got so many presents! We are so grateful for her loving family!

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Chelsey said...

Too bad Truman couldn't be there to give her a birthday kiss! I love the cake you made and the mess that Macy made. She's a cutie!