Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Adventures

We were lucky enough to travel to California for Christmas for 2 whole weeks! We were so glad we went because we had an amazing time. It was very hard to come back to Virginia.

In our two weeks we:

Celebrated Macy's birthday (see previous post)

Celebrated Christmas Eve with my Seymour side of the family.
Celebrated Christmas morning with Greg, Dorothy, and Darin by getting up early and making breakfast then opening more presents.

Celebrated Christmas afternoon with my parents and siblings.

We celebrated Christmas evening with my Francis side of the family. Since all the cousins were there (minus Josh) we took a cousin picture. 

Rode bikes in Newport. My mom, sister Stacie, sister Jill, Macy, and I went to Newport Beach to rent bikes to ride along the boardwalk. It was so much fun and I can't believe that was the first time I've ever done that! I've really been missing out. Macy hated being strapped into the trailer at first but then fell asleep. After she woke up she was happier. When we stopped riding she was on all fours inside that thing, somehow still strapped in. It was a beautiful winter day at the beach.

Had a root beer taste test. New Year's Eve was celebrated at the DeVore home with our annual root beer taste test. Fitz's was the winner for it's overall good creamy taste. Here is Macy's cousin Charlie who is only 5 months old but weighs the same as her.  Macy is tiny!

We also spent a lot of time playing Wii Party (great game) and Just Dance. 

Macy greatly enjoyed playing Granny Dot's real piano.

Jonathan and Darin also spent time playing frisbee golf. Macy and I were their caddies. She did a great job. Macy would copy them by holding her arm out as if she just threw a frisbee. She would also give out a little groan because that's what Jonathan and Darin would do after throwing their frisbee.

Jonathan and I even got to go on a date to a USC Basketball game. Someone in the ward gave us the tickets. Even though we didn't really care about either team it was still fun to go. 

There was also other visits from Grandparents and family which added to the greatness of the trip. We even went swimming! Macy loved all the attention and all the space to run around. In fact, she really started walking when we got to California. I guess in our little apartment she didn't see the need to walk much, but in a big house she had tons of space to walk. Macy also got her first tooth while in California. Apparently all that walking and tooth growing wore her out because she slept better there than she does at home. That was the icing on our cake and made the whole vacation wonderful.


Chelsey said...

You've inspired me to get my Christmas post together. Congratulations Macy on getting your 1st tooth and for walking. Riding bikes on the Newport boardwalk does look like so much fun (especially in the winter). I'm glad you had so much fun.

Nicole said...

LOVE the photos!!!! especially the WII ones!!