Saturday, December 11, 2010

PwC Company Party

Last night was Jonathan's company party in New York! 

Not really, but it was still fun. Whoever plans company parties sure is talented. They had four main rooms: New York (with hot dog stands, pop corn, etc), Las Vegas (with gambling fake money, food buffets), Los Angeles (dancing, appetizers, drinking), and Miami (tacos, salsa dancing). Of course each room had enough alcohol to last for decades. It was very classy and very well done.

We were able to meet up with some work friends and had a great night eating too much food, gambling fake money, and drinking Shirley Temples. We found out that Jonathan has pretty good luck at Roulette and more than doubled his winnings.

1 comment:

Chelsey said...

Oh you two look so cute! That really does sound like an awesome party. I'm not surprised at Ja's roulette's the magician in him!