Sunday, December 11, 2011

D.C. Temple Lights

Macy loves looking at Christmas lights so we knew she would like to see the lights at the temple because she could go up and touch them. We, and she, were not disappointed. The lights were better than I remember. Perhaps, because now I see them through a child's eyes.

We were watching Lily that night so she tagged along with us. Both girls were very good. Lily pretty much didn't move from Ja's chest the entire night. The one time we did for a picture she cried. It was very cold so I don't blame her. Here are a few photo high lights. I just love little kids in big puffy coats!

I think Macy loved the Nativity the best. She could have sat and watched it the whole time. It was a recording of the nativity story in the Bible and only mannequins. She wanted to get closer and closer to it. It was very cute when we walked away and she kept saying, "baby, baby!" because she wanted more baby Jesus.

Macy's face shows how happy she was. She was so content touching every single light she could. I think the green were her favorite because she repeatedly went back to the green bush.

I love the moon in this picture


Becca and Colby said...

Those lights are beautiful! you've just inspired me to take the kids to the temple for our lights. P.s. why is there no snow on the ground?

Ja said...

Why is there no snow on the ground? Don't know, don't care - just happy it's not here.

Chelsey said...

pretty lights! Macy is so cute. It's fun that she could actually touch them!