Friday, December 23, 2011

Macy's 2nd Birthday

Macy is such a lucky little girl! She has so many people who love her and want to celebrate with her. We didn't do a big group birthday party so we had a smaller group at Chuck E Cheese's. The attendants were: my parents, my Francis grandparents, Jill, Ja, Granny Dot, and Henry. Small and low-key and perfect.

When we got there Macy runs right to the rides. We let her sit on them but didn't have any quarters yet to turn them on. I thought she would love the little rides since she loved the little pony and carousel at the pumpkin patch. I couldn't have been more wrong, she was terrified once they started moving! She wouldn't go on them at all. I was worried that this party was going to be cut short, but she quickly learned the word money and loved putting the tokens in the games and getting the tickets.

We had about a million tokens so we let her put in as many tokens as she wanted into whatever games she wanted. As soon as she put in a token she would say, "More money peese!" At first she loved the one where it takes your picture with Chuck E. Then she liked the one that drew your picture. We have about 5 copies of each. Once we showed her the games that gave tickets there was no going back. She actually earned 226 tickets (maybe with some help from the adults).

Macy really enjoyed ski ball. Most of her balls rolled back down the ramp so I rolled them back up for her. Some balls even went behind her. We played this game many times.

We took a break from playing games to eat pizza, open presents (which she really loved), and had cupcakes. She really liked that we sang to her and that she got to blow out a candle. She wanted to blow again so we lit the candle and told her to blow. She then pointed to us which meant we had to sing again before she would blow out her candles. Macy also requested a 2nd song and candle blowing at each of her other 2 birthday celebrations on our trip.

She loved her Dora tent from Grandma
We were originally going to the Chuck E. Cheese in Placentia but changed to go to the one in Diamond Bar so it would be closer for Dorothy and Henry. We ended up being really glad we did because we drive past it every time we drive from my parents house going to my in-laws house. You can see it from the freeway so it's a great reminder of what we did for our little angel's 2nd birthday party and all the fun we had. When we would drive past Macy said "More chuckecheese, more chuckecheese!" She loved it so much that her loving aunt's took her  again to spend the rest of her million tokens.  

Happy Birthday Macy!

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