Friday, December 23, 2011

Macy's Life at 2!

I can't believe I've known my baby for two whole years! I guess I can't even call her a baby anymore. The day she turned two she changed so much. It's nice that we've been with family for her two birthdays and her two biggest milestones: walking and talking. Right on her second birthday her talking took off. She had a few words before but she now repeats almost everything we tell her. It's very cute and I love her adorable voice!

Macy continually teaches me how to love. I love her more than words can explain and if it's possible I love her more everyday. It's been wonderful getting to know her fun and cute personality over these two years.

I want to share some of her newest discoveries and talents so you can know her cute personality too. These are all things she up to right now:

  • Calls the camera "cheese" and puts it up to her face while she says it. Look closely at this picture  
  • Loves to carry purses and uses anything with a handle big enough to go on her shoulder as a purse. Some times as were walking out the door she'll realize she doesn't have one and we have to go back to find one for her.
  • LOVES her new kitchen and playing with the food. She has a great imagination when it comes to eating the food. 
  • LOVES her new castle that daddy gave her even more

  • She discovered her love of dancing. She dances whenever Ja plays the guitar or whenever she hears music. 
  • A lot of her dancing is spinning in circles but also consists of head jerking and up and down arm movements.
  • Calls minnie mouse (and all other mice) "mommy mouse"
  • Being very shy around new people- or even people she hasn't seen in a couple of days. It takes a while for her to warm up. She only looks at strangers out of the corner of her eye
  • talks on the phone- she picks it up says hi, some gibberish, and then BYE!
  • Favorite food: (besides candy) pasta, black beans, shredded cheese
  • Favorite activity: playing with daddy,
  • Favorite color: purple (she's good at pointing it out but is quickly learning the other colors)
  • Favorite person: Lily. She also talks a lot about Papa and Jill
  • Favorite shows: Fresh Beat Band, Pocoyo
  • Sleeps with: baby doll, pink blanket, 2 binkies (beesees), cup of milk (milt), and a book
  • Likes nursery and "tells" is what she did her her own words and actions
  • Talks about Addie and Hallie a lot and wants to play with them
  • Good at having conversations with herself. She talks quietly and does things in her own world
  • VERY GOOD at saying please (peese) and thank you (tank you mommy). Most of the time I don't have to remind her. She says thank you for everything! During Christmas break my dad moved her car seat once and every time it was moved after that she would say "Tank you papa!" upon seeing her car seat.
  • Great at pretend play and will mimic the things we do and have showed her to do previously
  • Very good at feeding herself with silverware (and her fingers)
  • Anything that is small is "baby" and anything that is big is "mommy" or "daddy"
  • Often after she is done eating dinner she wants to immediately play with daddy
  • Will answer yes to questions but a lot of the time is an enthusiastic "YEAH!"
  • Won't ride in the regular cart at the grocery store. If she remembers she has to sit in reclined infant seat. I hope she doesn't break it, luckily she's small.
  • Terrified of animals getting close to her. She likes to talk about them but not see them up close. The other day she was scared of a butterfly.
  • Likes to count: 3-2-2-3-2-3
  • If she's doing an activity and we start to do it with her sometimes she'll say, "No, Macy!" which means we can't do it, only her.
  • Loves building "house" out of pillows
  • She's good at remembering certain events. Once Ja accidentally hit her head on the car and for a week every time we got in the car should would point to the spot, point to her head, then say daddy.
  • If something is done once, it has to be done that way every time
  • loves to play with my jewelry. Luckily she got her own jewelry box for Christmas so I don't have to lose anymore earrings.
  • Lately she's been very cuddly- I love it!
  • She greatly enjoys playing with her cousins. Yesterday she played with Caleb and Mark for 2 hours and threw a huge tantrum when we had to leave. Mark enjoys Macy too and calls her "Simi." Macy calls Henry "Honey" and loves to follow him around.
  • Loves going to Trader Joe's and sampling their cheeses. She is a lover of strong cheese. Here she is enjoying goat cheese with Holly. 

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Chelsey said...

So many great posts! Happy Bday Macy! I loved her Christmas dress..I can't wait to one day buy Sunday dresses. Macy has the cutest clothes! Glad you guys had a sunny and fun Christmas and New Years!