Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 2011- Pre Christmas

I've already blogged about our hot chocolate race, seeing the temple lights, and about Macy taking naps again so here is the rest of our month in pictures.

I bought Macy her own little Christmas tree. She loved to take the ornaments on and off,

I think children are born with the instinct to love band-aids. Macy loves to put on her "owie's" and also loves to hold the neosporin tube as well.

We went to a holiday concert at a local high school that was geared towards toddlers. It was really fun because Macy enjoyed it immensely. She did not want it to end and when it was over she kept asking for more. They had special guests that came and danced such as: Dora, Pooh, Tigger, Bob-the-Builder, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and of course Santa.

As the weather started to get cooler we often would walk around at the mall. Macy loves the lego bin wall at the Lego Store. She picks out a few, shows them to me and actually puts them back in the right bin. 

 She also enjoys going to the Disney store and playing with the stuffed animals there. Luckily she doesn't know anything about Disney movies so she doesn't throw and tantrum when I don't buy her the princess dolls.
 As something special for me (and Macy) we buy a pretzel and eat it while relaxing in the massager chairs.
 Our next stop is L.L. Bean. They have a waterfall and fish tank that Macy likes to watch. She pulls up her camping chairs, asks for her drink then relaxes. 

Here Macy is missing her mall buddy Lily. She even saved a seat for Lily.

Right after I took this picture a huge catfish swam right at Macy and Macy was so scared. She ran to me and her little heart was beating so fast. We went a couple of times after that to see fish and she gets scared if they even look at her now.

This is a house close to us that we enjoyed looking at during Christmas. Macy touched as many lights as she could.

Can she get any cuter?! Talking on two phones (one is a wallet) at the same time with that cute little smirk!

Our mall buddies Lily and Tiffany joined us. Here the girls are at Barnes and Noble after hanging out at the Lego table.

Macy actually let me put pigtails in her hair! They lasted for a while too! I don't know how I did it because she hasn't let me since.

For a playgroup activity we went to the U.S. Botanic Gardens in D.C. Macy enjoyed watching the trains go around even though she wouldn't let me put her down to walk. My arms were tired at the end!

Izzy really wants to touch that pole but as you can see Macy is not about to let her.

Seagulls we saw in D.C. which of course Macy was afraid of once they started to move, even though they moved away from her.

What can I say? Macy loves to sit in little places.

And sleep in little places.

I know this picture looks like Macy was hanging herself, but she wasn't. The apron straps were not around her neck. She was spinning around so the straps eventually wrapped around some of her hair which she didn't like but she sure had a great time before that happened.

I found more pictures on my camera so here is an update from the original post:
Macy looked so sweet and pretty in her Christmas dress from Granny Dot. In Macy's words, "Tank you Dot!"

This was the very first time I got pigtails in Macy's hair. As you can tell if was very hard to put in because she was very wiggly. She did like checking herself out in the mirror though.

 This is the second time I put pigtails in. They are so dang cute I wish she would let me do them more!

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