Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Macy LOVES her books!

When Macy received about 20 books for Christmas I was happy about it but Macy is definitely happy about all the new books. She loves to read to herself and she loves to have me read to her. Today we were going to a friends house so I asked her what toys she wanted to bring. She brought me a pile of 15 books.

Macy also loves places that have books. Of course the library is a fun place to spend some time, but she also loves to go to Barnes and Noble. She talks about playing with "choo choo hummus" (the Thomas train table) and plays with that for about 2 minutes. Then she grabs books and sits on the stage and "reads" them aloud. It's very sweet and I love watching her. She also eats her snacks on the stage.

Friday mornings our ward has play group and lately we've been meeting at the church because of the cold weather. Last time Macy found a bunch of personal progress books and duty to God books ina classroom and had a good time reading them. I love hearing her sweet voice and watching her head move back and forth while looking at the book with such a serious face. 

Here Macy is at the grocery store. There was display of books in front and she ran straight for the books and sat down on the floor to read. We spent a few minutes there before we could shop.

Here we are at another grocery store. Here she found the magazine aisle. If you notice the green little baby cart in the background you can see her other love. She has a very good memory and always remembers that this grocery store has baby carts. Even when we only drive past the store she'll point out the window and say baby cart.

This morning Macy woke up and wanted to put her baby "nigh nigh."She laid her baby down, covered her with two blankets, gave her milk and binkies, and lots of books to read. I walked in her room and she was singing to her baby, probably because I sing to her every night. Macy then looks at me and says, "Baby nigh nigh, shhh." and shuts the door.

Now Macy is cuddling with baby.

I know these next pictures don't have to do with books but they show other things she loves. Macy is already into accessories and love the store Claire's at the mall. She tries on lots of purses, headbands, bracelets, and points out all the fun things. We spend a lot of time in this store. In this picture she had a purse around her neck, a green shamrock headband on, and was saying cheese.

 Macy also loves little chairs. She especially loves this one because it has Minnie Mouse on it. For some reason she's starting calling Mickey, Minnie. She used to get it right, oh well. It's cute. She grabbed a Cinderella pillow and I asked her to close her eyes and pretend she was sleeping but instead I got this super adorable smile!

 I love this little girl so much and I don't want her to grow up! She's at such a fun and playful stage right now!


Becca and Colby said...

She's adorable! What a great thing that she loves reading books! Sam sits for about the title page, then that's it!

Chelsey said...

What a great thing for her to be into. It's amazing how much kids love to learn. I can tell she is already a smart girl!