Thursday, February 2, 2012

My logic used against me

Macy wants me to carry her every where. It's a great joy when she actually wants to walk. I'm getting tired of this as she is getting bigger and heavier. I know she is fully capable of walking. Especially from our front door to our car. It's too hard to carry the groceries in and carry her knowing that she can walk!

Yesterday I tried to talk her into walking from our apartment to our car. I tried explaining that she is a big girl now and that big girls walk places. Big girls play at the park so if she wants to go to the park she needs to walk like a big girl. I told her that she's not a baby anymore, babies get held but big girls walk. I tried coaxing her into saying she was a big girl so we could go to the park.

We eventually made it to the park and she wanted me to hold her again. I told her she was a big girl and had to walk. She refused but once she saw her younger cousin Lily walking around she finally got out of my arms. We had a very pleasant 2 hour stay at the park. Macy and Lily did a great job playing by themselves while Tiffany and I sat on a bench.

Well, today guess what Macy said. "Macy, baby. Hold me mommy, peese!" This was not what I was trying to teach her! Apparently she didn't understand a word about the big girl stuff. All she got out of it was that she is a baby and babies get to be held. Throughout the day today I called her a big girl, or good girl, or happy girl and she would say, "No, baby" while pointing to herself. Aww, man. I'll have to come up with another argument to get her to walk more often.

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Chelsey said...

Sorry Laura, when you figure that one out, please let me know because I still struggle with that. She is a smart girl!