Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Little Busy Body

Macy got a McDonald's gift card for Christmas so we decided to use it one night when Ja was working late. She didn't want the food at first but after I was able to sneak a chicken nugget in her mouth she looked at me with an expression that said, "Whoa, these are good!" Then she ate more. She was so cute about the little toy she go in her happy meal and loves to play with it. 

She still loves to read. You can see the expression on her face which shows how serious she is about her books.

One day Macy wasn't feeling well and she actually cuddled with me on the couch. It was so sweet!

Along with reading, Macy loves to sing. She dances and sings to herself. It's very sweet to hear her little voice singing. Here she is at the church during playgroup singing a children's hymn.
Macy LOVES her daddy now and wants to play with him every second he's around. This makes working from home really hard for Ja. As you can see, she just plopped on the couch and propped her feet on his arm. They eventually made it to his computer.
 Macy and I made her first "car." I thought she would love running around it in but after she saw me put the ribbon on it she wanted more "necklaces" and was more interested in the ribbons. Oh, well. She liked coloring on it for the next couple of days though.

One morning in order to get things done, I let Macy "wash" her food in the bathroom sink. She loved it and did it for the next 3 days. She eventually had most of her plates and cups in the sink too. I absolutely love that little face! She's not smiling but at least she's facing the camera! 

 There is never a dull moment with our little busy body around. When we try to skype with grandparents I have to run around with the camera other wise they would never see her since she's never in one place longer than 3 seconds.

We love you so much Macy!

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