Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I was really behind on putting up my Valentine's wreath this year. I made it last year and was still very happy with the way it looked when I took it out again. I wanted to make a green one for St. Patrick's Day. I got my inspiration from this wreath. I liked the way her multi-colored yarn looked but I couldn't find anything as good as that at Michael's so mine turned out different. I still like the way mine looks though.

The shamrocks are only stickers so I will take them off after March 17th and then it will be a spring wreath. If you're thinking about making this just be prepared to take almost 2 hours to wrap your wreath.

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Chelsey said...

That is so festive! I don't have any St Patrick's Day decorations. I hope you had a good movie on while you were wrapping that yarn!