Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Girl #2 Ultrasound Pictures

In case you didn't read the title, we're having another girl! I'm very excited to have another little princess around. I already bought her and Macy matching dresses :)

I had almost an hour long ultrasound appointment yesterday. This little girl was not being cooperative. She was being very cute though. She was sucking on her toes, moving a ton, showing us her little hands and feet a lot. When we tried to get the gender shot she had her ankles crossed which made things difficult. I had to roll over a few times, walk around, go to the bathroom, all trying to get her to move enough to see the gender. It eventually worked and now we're certain it's a girl!

I actually really enjoyed being in there for an hour. I felt like I got a glimpse into her personality and what she's going to be like. She is very cute already and I can't wait to meet her! It was also fun to actually watch her move around and at the same time feel her move. She sure moves a lot. I also learned she's right on my bladder which is why I have to go ALL the time and hardly anything comes out!

We asked Macy what baby sister's name should be and she said Cinderella. So for now, we'll call her Cinderella.

There's a real baby in there! Here are some of the images that were captured.

Here is her side profile.

These next two are of her hands. In the top one she has her hand by her mouth. The bottom one is her waving. The technician said, "wow she has long fingers!" Macy was born with really long fingers too.
 Here is the gender shot (nothing between the legs). The bottom one is a shot of her foot (bottom right).


Amy said...

How exciting!! Of course I'm biased, but we think having two girls is the greatest! Congrats!

Becca and Colby said...

That is wonderful! Congratulations!

Chelsey said...

How exciting to have 2 girls (that can wear matching dresses!) A 1 hour ultrasound sounds fabulous. What to Macy think of all this? We are so happy for you guys.