Thursday, May 31, 2012

Macy's May Faces

I cannot believe May is over already! Were has this year gone?! I've decided to post the loose pictures that haven't already been blogged. Most were taken with my phone camera so please excuse the low quality. It's so easy and convenient to capture Macy's life with a camera phone since it's always with me. Better low quality than nothing at all right? I know you all enjoy seeing Macy's face as much as I do :) 

We went to Georgetown cupcake with some friends. Macy did have a good time even though it doesn't look like it. We went to the park afterwards and Macy had a blast.

For a few days Macy chose to drag around this piece of rope. She called it her puppy and would say, "Hold on tight puppy" as she pulled it.

We took and mommy daughter trip to the Natural History Museum downtown to see the butterfly exhibit. She loved the giant elephant in the rotunda area.

Her second favorite thing was watching the clear elevators go up and down at the cafe.

I think she had more fun outside jumping off the ledge than she did seeing the butterflies. She can really jump off now!

Macy and Lily reading books in the rocking chair. Macy is very good and reciting the actual story in her own words.

Even though this picture is blurry I love it so much. Macy looks so grown up in her ruffle shirt and plaid shorts. She loves the pockets.

Macy has figured out how to open my lip gloss and loves to put it on. One time I caught her eating it so now when she gets it she tells me, "No eat." She's a fast learner. I love how she puts it all over her face as well as her lips.

We did a Mother's day project that Jill came up with for my mom. Each child held a sign and the signs said "We love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!" It turned out really cute since all of her kids are in different states. I thought Macy's face was so sweet in this picture.

Still likes to paint!
 We also did a photo project for Dorothy for Mother's day. We all held a sign saying why we love her. Of course this was Macy's sign. She thought she was being so funny to hold it upside down.

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