Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We had so much fun traveling down to Williamsburg we decided to travel again this past weekend! This time we went northeast with our friends Steve, Katrina, and Grant. They are off the beaten path travelers so we drove to a small town in Maryland named Chestertown and then over to Dover, DE.

We started bright and early Saturday morning at 6 a.m. since the traffic going over the Bay Bridge can be horrendous. We had no problem at all with traffic and arrived at our destination at 8:30 a.m., just in time for breakfast. I think Macy was still waking up the on our drive because she was great the entire time.

Chestertown is a very small town that has a Tea Party Reenactment (not the Boston Tea Party, apparently they did the same thing in Chestertown) and a little parade. Macy had never seen a parade before and loved it. She especially loved the marching bands and got very excited when ever there were horses. It was great to get there not too early before the parade and get a great seat right in front in the shade. Small towns do have nice perks :)

The city looks like old town Williamsburg or Nauvoo but is a functioning town unlike those other two. We were curious how such an old town was well maintained because we've driven through many old towns that are broken down and look terrible. Memorial Day weekend is probably the most crowded it ever gets and even then it wasn't crowded. Except the three restaurants got filled quickly :) We would like to go back in "off-season" to see what it's like.

A lot of people in the parade were dressed up in period dress.

Macy captivated by the parade.

trying to climb a tree

"Hey, how do I get up there?!"

Enjoying lemonade. One of the few times she sat in the stroller.

She insisted I take a picture of her dirty foot.
Not even 2 minutes later...
After that exhausting (and hot) part of the day the kids got a good nap in the car while we drove to Dover. Once Macy was reassured that we were in deed following Grant's car she quickly fell asleep. Every time we got in the car that weekend she made sure we were following Grant and if we were still driving when she wake up saying, "Follow Grant!"

 We toured the old State House in Delaware. It being the first ever State House where the state's government would meet, since Delaware was the first state and all.
Surprise, surprise Macy didn't want to look at the camera.
Gotcha anyways!

Another candid face.

Macy and Grant listening intently- for about 2 minutes.

Macy loved to pretend writing with the quills.

We enjoyed swimming at the hotel and a great dinner at Franco's Pizza. Apparently Dover has a stigma of being a bad place to find good food but we got lucky with Franco's. Macy loved the stromboli and ate a huge piece.

Macy usually sleeps in her own room, even on trips, but not at the hotel in Dover. We were a little worried how she would do being able to see us outside of the porta-crib. However, she was so wiped out that she was requesting I put her in the crib just after me singing one song. Usually I have to sing 5 or 6! She didn't wake up at all and I don't even think she noticed we were in the same room because she was so tired. The best part was in the morning we heard her take a sip from her milk cup. She tossed it down and said, "Yucky!" It was also cute to hear her talk herself to sleep.

Sunday morning we headed off to church in Dover. It was a branch but seemed to have a lot of people in Sacrament. A member of the branch presidency introduced himself and asked how he can get us to stay there. We told him to give us a job offer we can't refuse.

Next we went to the Air Force Museum on the Dover Air Force Base. It was fun because we could actually go inside some of the planes. Macy was afraid of going inside the military planes. Probably because they were rather dark and didn't have much inside other than the very basic seats along the walls of the plane.

Macy was more interested in the bird poop on the plane.

We went inside Air Force Two.
 The best part was the lunch and dancing show after the museum. We sat at tables outside of the museum and there was old time big band music playing for our enjoyment. After eating Macy and Ja had a great time dancing around to the music. Grant was pretending he was a dump truck.

Look at the air Macy got! That's like 2 inches off the ground!
Maybe two minutes after leaving the museum.

After the museum, we drove over to Lewes beach in Delaware. Macy was still afraid of going in the water (there weren't even waves) but she loved pouring water onto the sand and mixing it all together. She also loved "washing" her hands in a bucket. She would get them sandy then say, "Macy wash hands" and rub them together in the bucket. She did this for 20 minutes. We didn't get to the beach until maybe 4 p.m. but it was the perfect time to go. It was a very hot day so we missed the peak sun time and people were leaving for the day so we were able to get a parking spot. 

Enjoying a snack
 We played for a few hours then ate our picnic dinner. After eating, Grant and Macy had a blast chasing each other in the sand and playing with all sort of debris in the sand.

 This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Since Macy and Grant were following each other we aren't sure whose idea it was to climb through the life guard stand that was on its side. We look over and notice that neither of them had moved in over a minute (which is rare) so as Ja walks closer he can hear Macy saying, "Macy stuck!" and Grant saying, "I'm stuck!" (He's better at pronouns.) Of course we had to snap a picture before helping them out. I love thinking about them and their brains thinking that climbing in here was a good idea. I wonder who got stuck first. I also love that it looks like Macy has a really long torso.

We left the beach around 8:30 p.m. I didn't want to leave because we had such a fun weekend and Macy REALLY didn't want to leave. She kept saying, "Macy no home. Macy hotel." I told her that we have to go home because it's getting dark. She replied, "No dark. Macy sun eyes." She hates the sun in her eyes so she really didn't want to go if she actually wanted the sun to be in her eyes. Some how we were able to talk her into getting in her car seat but she assured us with "Macy no sleep. Macy hotel. Macy no sleep." I said wouldn't it be funny if this were the one time she didn't sleep in the car, when we won't be getting home until 11:30 p.m. However, she was out in only a few minutes and slept the whole 3 hour drive. She did wake up when we got to our apartment but fell asleep quickly and easily in her crib. 

We packed so much in only 2 days! We had a blast and loved following Grant around :)

Monday we finished off a great weekend with a family BBQ at Trevor's and swimming afterwards. Macy didn't want to go home after that either. Before the BBQ Macy took a 4 1/2 hour nap! Proof that she had a tiring weekend. 

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Amy said...

great pictures! living out East looks like so much fun! We could drive an entire day and still be in the state of TX. :) No fun road trips for us! You look great! Two kids is going to be such a blast!