Monday, May 14, 2012

Touring Europe

Last weekend we got to tour 5 European countries for free! The E.U. Embassies' were holding their annual open house in D.C. so we took advantage and had a great time. We visited:

1. Luxembourg- It's a tiny country with only a little more than 500,000 people and 999 square miles. They speak Luxembourgish, but also German and French since it's nestled in between Belgium, France, and Germany. English is also taught in schools. It looks like a beautiful place to visit. 
You'll notice Macy refused to look in any of the pictures.

 2. Romania

3. Latvia- They had the coolest embassy in the inside. We thought it was redesigned to look old European but we learned that it's one of the oldest Embassies so it was built originally to look European.

4. Italy- This was Macy's favorite. She loved making her pasta necklace and waving the Italian flag they gave her. We enjoyed a really good cannoli too. Outside Macy loved the Fiat's. She didn't want to get out! She had a great time driving to Papa's house.
The "Italian Fairy" who teaches kids how to speak Italian on her dvd.

5. Denmark- This was Macy's second favorite. I didn't realized that Lego's are made in Denmark. They had a table full of legos to play with and a blanket on the ground covered in legos. Macy had a great time playing with all the little pieces and could have spent hours there. We enjoyed a coconut macaroon and banana bread there too.

6. Ireland- This country looks so beautiful, I really want to visit. Outside there were kids doing the traditional Irish river dancing. When they would finish a song Macy would say, "More dance." She really liked watching them. Even if they don't move their arms.

Macy really enjoyed herself. After we would leave each Embassy she would say, "No, home." She wanted to stay out all day. We met up with a friend for lunch at a Greek restaurant so we kind of went to Greece too :) 

Afterwards, we went to the church because Ja was in charge of this month's pack meeting. They did bike safety and a bike rodeo. Ja did a great job drawing different courses on the ground for the cubs to maneuver through on their bikes.  They really liked them and I heard two parents talking about how good the courses were. As always Ja did a great job. 

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