Thursday, May 24, 2012

Macy the Painter

We recently acquired an awesome art easel for Macy. A friend's neighbor was going to consign it for only $25 but gave it to me for $15. I ended up paying her $20 because that's all I had in my wallet. When I got home I looked it up online and saw that they cost around $170!! I think I got a really good deal!

Macy has always loved coloring and crafts so I thought an easel would be a great addition in our home. Awhile ago we were looking into one at Ikea and this one is 100 times better and more sturdy. It's actually quite heavy because it's real wood. The chalkboard on the other side is fun too but Macy prefers the painting and dry erase board.

Macy was excited about it and when I bought her paint all she wanted to do was paint! At first she only used 2 colors at a time because I didn't have the no spill cups and two was all I could hold at once. She didn't seem to mind and loved picking out the colors. I would get one and she would get one. We've been going through a lot of paper to say the least.

She's been painting the most lately and produces quite a few paintings. I am so proud of her and her scribble painting since they are her first and she loves doing it. I couldn't get myself to throw them away so I wanted to come up with a way to preserve them without having 50 3-foot long paintings all over the house. I decided to take pictures of them and blog them instead! Here are some of my favorite early Macy time-period pieces:

Here are the latest paintings now that I bought the no-spill cups she can use more than one paint at a time.

The really funny thing is whenever I ask her what she's painting she always says "horsey." I have no idea where she gets that because we don't really talk about horses, nor have we ever. She doesn't have books with horses either. Oh, well it's just her creative imagination.

Here's a short video of her painting. 

Besides the actual painting, she also loves to take the lids of the paint cups and then put the brushes in. Then she takes the brushes out and puts them into the cup of water to wash them out. She tells me we have to wait for the paint to dry and proceeds to tell me all about the paint cups and lids. It's so cute and I love listening to what her little brain is thinking. Most of the time I can pick out a few words here and there of what she is saying. She also tells me what color I'm allowed to paint with, most of the time it's yellow. I ask for another but she says no.

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