Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

The day after Ja's birthday Macy was über excited to go fly her new kite. We went to lunch in DC then were planning on driving to a park afterwards to fly the kites. Macy did not want to wait that long so Ja pulled out the kite in a little patch of grass right next to our parking spot. It was next to a government building so I'm sure they had a laugh watching a little girl fly a kite with only 10 feet of string out. She even sang "Let's go fly a kite." These are there words: "Yets go fly a kite, Up to the upsomere, UUUp to the upsomere!"

She was in heaven. I'm not sure how we talked her into getting into the car but we did. She asked if her friends would be at her "kite show" so we asked friends to come. Luckily some could so she was so excited again.

Macy was a natural at kite flying. It was a pretty windy day so all I had to do was toss the kite into the air and it would fly. If the kite started to fall she would pull on the string to make it go back up. We never explained this to her. I think she picked up on that from watching the last scene of Mary Poppins.

The kids took turns holding the kite string then ran off to the playground. This let the dads have a good time making the kites go really high in the sky. 

Macy had such a great time we'll definitely do this again.

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