Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Macy the Ballerinda

(That's how Macy pronounces ballerina)

I signed Macy up for a 3-4 year old ballet class at Mobu kids and she LOVES it. Actually loves might be an understatement. She talks about her class all the time and wears her ballet leotard, tights, and shoes every chance she gets. I even let her wear them in public.

Macy talks about her teacher Monica and her "real" ballet class. No more pretend class at home 😊 She practices her moves and loves to dance a lot.

Luckily I was able to watch the first class and take a few pictures. I found out afterwards that parents can't go in the room after the first lesson. That class was so adorable and Macy was the happiest little three year old. She would turn around and give me a big smile or wave at me. It was a dream come true for her! And the best part in her mind is she gets to go back! Every Monday at 4:30 for 8 weeks.

She was so excited for her first class she wore her ballet outfit the whole day.

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