Friday, September 14, 2012

Looks can be deceiving

Wednesday night Ja mentioned he was craving cookies. He left for a while so I thought I'd surprise him with cookies when he returned.

I got the sugars and butter mixed and then I discovered we had no eggs. I texted Ja letting him know if he wanted cookies he'd have to pick up eggs on his way home. He kindly went to the store at 10:20 pm.

When Ja returned I had to feed Anna so he ended up finishing the cookies. So much for surprising him. His cookies looked perfect. He used my new cookie scoop so they were all the same size and they were perfectly cooked. They looked like bakery cookies and we were so excited to eat them.

I love cookie dough so I had to try a bite. Despite the perfect appearance of the cookie, something was off. The dough was REALLY salty. We hoped that maybe it was just that one spot of dough but when I bit into a cookie we found out it was really salty too. My only reasoning was Ja put in double the amount of salt. He was pretty sure he only put in one teaspoon like the recipe says. He distinctly remembered only putting one.

Since the cookies looked so good we hoped that dunking them in milk would help with the saltiness. Sadly, this only compounded the salty flavor and made things worse.

We were so sad that these seemingly perfect cookies had to all be thrown in the trash. We were both looking forward to them and I felt extra bad since I made Ja make a special trip to the store.

Just as we decided that Ja must have put in extra salt a light bulb went off in my head. Earlier that day I put some sugar into our sugar canister so I stuck my finger in to taste the sugar. The first taste was sugar. The second taste was salt! Turns out I added salt to our sugar canister! Let me tell you how this happened...

Sometimes when I refill the sugar container with the bag of sugar from the grocery store there isn't enough room so I put the extra into a sandwich bag. When sugar gets used I pour the extra from the baggie into the container. That's what I thought the baggie was this time. After I dumped it into the sugar canister I thought to myself, "I probably should have tasted that to make sure it's sugar. Oh well."

Go back to the kitchen with Ja and I trying to figure out why the cookies are so salty. Luckily he's laughing at my realization. He's glad it was my fault because then I couldn't get mad that a whole batch of cookies was ruined. And to realize he wasn't going crazy because he did only add one teaspoon of salt.

Now I'm trying to figure out why I had a baggie of salt laying around. Its not like I have a salt container I have to fill. Then it dawns on me that I used the salt for an object lesson for primary a few months ago. There was close to a cup of salt in there! Finally we had our answer as to why the cookies were SO salty!

Lessons learned:
Don't pour "sugar" into the container unless I'm 100% sure it's sugar.
Don't leave unlabeled bags of salt around.
Don't make cookies with almost a cup of salt.

Tonight Ja asked me what he was craving- salty cookies. I don't think I'll live this one down for a looong time. I'm sorry for blaming you Ja when it was really my fault!

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Emily said...

Haha, that's hilarious!
I think you could have another object lesson with those cookies (seemingly perfect on the outside, but in reality taste nasty) :)