Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anna meets her grandparents

Anna has met all 4 grandparents now. I consider that a big accomplishment in her short 4 weeks of life since they all live so far away in California.

Papa (Greg) was the first to see and hold Anna. His first stop from the airport was to come and hold her. He commented on how tiny she was and how she was still holding her legs in the fetal position that he sees to often in his ultrasounds.

Granny Dot came next. She had recently seen Anna's cousin Ryan and couldn't wait to hold another newborn. She was glad she hadn't missed Anna being a tiny newborn. I think Anna will be small for a long time so no need to worry there. Macy quickly dressed Granny Dot up in a cupcake bow and a bracelet.

The next day my parents arrived. They too were excited to hold little Anna. I think my mom held Anna every second she could. Anna was in Grandma heaven. She did give my dad a few chances to hold Anna too. I'm glad they didn't come until Anna was almost a month because she was more awake and alert. Although, she still sleeps a lot but it's better than at 2 weeks old.
One happy Papa.
Bow provided by Macy.

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