Sunday, September 9, 2012

Macy's Personality

I've been trying to ask Macy questions to figure out what she likes:

Favorite color: purple... And pink!
What food do you like? Pizza
What kind of fruit do you like? Watermelon
Who are your friends? Halle, Ollie, Sloane
What's your favorite movie? Elf

Macy's most frequently used sayings:

One minute, k?
Macy too busy!
I want (fill in the blank) right NOW!
Macy doctor now. How are you?
I want baby sister in my room!
Be right back, k?
This book mommy?
I gokeing.
Where my sisser go? Mommy say that. Where my sisser go?

Macy is turning into a very silly girl. It's funny now when we ask her to do something and she replies with, "Macy too busy." She picked that up from an Arthur library book. D.W. asked him to do something and he said he couldn't because he was too busy.

We have no idea how this one started, it's just Macy being her funny self. Every night after saying family prayer Macy hops off my lap and goes to give Ja a kiss good night. At the last second she veers towards the crib and kisses it instead. She giggles then runs back to me so Ja can't grab her and give her a kiss. She teases Ja like this every night and she thinks it's so funny. She got a toddler bed yesterday and she kissed it last night instead of Ja.

She still LOVES to read. She will read books to herself, to me, and to Anna. In fact, since she's been in a toddler bed (going on 2 weeks now) she will sit in her bed and read books to herself for a couple of hours every morning and after her nap. She can get out to get more books to read so it keeps her occupied. I've been going into her room to get her at 10 am. It's been a huge blessing while I've been adjusting to having Anna around. I get a early morning nap which is so nice.

I think this is well known by now, but she still loves snuggling with Anna!

At random times Macy will say "I goking (joking)." It always takes me awhile to figure out what she's saying because it's hard to understand and it doesn't always come at a time when she's actually joking. But it sure is cute.

One day Macy and Anna were "playing" in Macy's bed (that's what Macy calls it when they lie on the bed) and Macy left to do something else. Anna started making noises so I said, "Anna is saying "hey, where did my sister go?" Little did I know Macy would really latch on to this. Now almost anytime she leaves Anna (sometimes just a few feet away) she makes me say "where my sisser go?" and Macy will say something like "I'm right here baby sisser" or "I'll be right back baby Anna." Its very cute. I'm trying to get her to just tell Anna where she's going without me having to be Anna's voice and ask Macy. We'll see if that catches on.

She is constantly pretending to be or do something. Most recently she pretends to be a princess, doctor, teacher, ice cream lady. In the picture she is pretending to paint the tree.

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