Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grandma's Visit

My parents came to see Anna and that weekend also happened to be Ragnar so my dad and Ja ran while the rest of us stayed home.

However, we didn't stay home much! We showed Grandma some new places to play and our first stop of Frying Pan Farm. We took a stroll around the Farm to see the cows, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits. Although Macy loved the animals she really loved the little tractors to play on. We could have spent hours playing on the little tractors.

We took a wagon ride around the farm. 

Playing with Grandma
 On Saturday, PwC had a special Zoo day for employees and their families. Ja was busy running but we took my mom to the National Zoo. We spent a lot of time watching the orangutan and the other monkeys. They were very entertaining.

Fixing her hair in the mirror.
 Macy's favorite thing was the mister. Since it was only a mist there was enough for her to play in and not get scared. She would walk up to it and say, "I take shower mommy" and pretend to wash her hair.

We meet up with some friends who also work for PwC. This is Halle and Macy sitting on a frog.

Grandma brought Macy gifts and let her open one each day. Like all other children, Macy loves presents and loved opening them. You can see the excitement on her face as she found a present that magically "appeared" in the living room. The gifts were clothes, a necklace, princess plate and bowl, and a fairy book.

Thank you Grandma for the shirt and Dora necklace!

Grandma photo shoot.
 The runners finished strong at the Ragnar race. They were tired but not sore! Go Team Freeloaders!

We also took my mom to Clemyjontri Park. It was her last day so we decided to have a special treat of McDonald's for lunch and then had a great time running around the whole park as it was pretty empty.

It was so nice having my mom around to help with Anna and Macy. Macy loved all the extra attention and I loved having someone around to play and help with my kids who loves them as much as I do. We really want grandparents to move closer to us!

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