Saturday, November 16, 2013

Anna is a walker!

On Halloween I was telling a friend that Anna wasn't walking yet. Apparently Anna heard me because she started walking the next day! After a few days I considered her a walker. She hardly crawls anymore. I only see her crawl if she starts walking to get something but falls down because she's too excited to walk slowly. So she crawls to get there faster. 

She is really good at carrying things around with her. Her favorite past time is to pick a box of food (usually granola bars) and carry it around the house. I have snack food boxes on the lowest shelf in the pantry so she can play with them. And a box of almost empty pancake mix. A couple days ago she found an almost empty bag of veggie sticks and walked around the house eating the little pieces. Most of them fell on the floor which made a nice trail. It kept her happy while I made dinner so I was fine with it. 

Anna also likes to carry around stuffed animals or dolls. I'm realizing now she loves to carry things and does most of the time. 

A few days after Anna started walking someone asked Macy if Anna is a walker now. Macy looked up at me with a confused look on her face and asked if Anna is a walker now. I said yes and from that point on Macy often told Anna she was a walker now. 
Anna was so happy to be sitting on this box. 

A little after her 14 month birthday Anna became a walker! I love watching her little legs waddle and arms out for balance. 

This is Macy pretending to be a princess at Disneyland. 

Macy wanted to wear matching "helmets."

P.S. I know these pictures have nothing to do with Anna walking but they were too cute not to add to this Anna post!

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