Saturday, November 30, 2013

Decorating our first Christmas tree with kids

We were thrilled to have our own Christmas tree this year since we would be home for Christmas. So excited that we bought it two days after Thanksgiving! We went to a local place in a parking lot and paid an arm and a leg for the tree, $90! We couldn't believe it. Ack! Oh well, lesson learned. It was a beautiful tree and lasted past Christmas.

The tree lot tied it up on top of our car and left a twine string hanging down. The guy told Macy she needed to hold onto it so the tree didn't fall off. She took this job very seriously! She accidentally let go before we left the parking lot and was very distressed until we handed it back to her. She held onto it with two hands the rest of the trip home.

 Anna decorating with ornaments and dried cranberries.

Macy was excited to put the star on top.

Ja did a good job of making sure the tree was straight.

Not only did we buy a tree and decorate it but we also took pictures in front of it that night too! I wanted to do a Christmas card this year so my family was kind to indulge me. The girls were already in pi's so we made it a pjs picture. Here are my favorites- most made it onto the card.

On the back of the card:
Jonathan- Director of Marketing at Blue Mango, The Amazing Jaybird on the side
Laura- Director of Househould, first time bike century finisher
Macy (almost 4!)- Director of Princess Affairs, attends preschool and ballet classes in her free time
Anna (16 months)- Director of Home Reorganization, fluent in babble and pointing

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