Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Cruise to the Bahamas

Ja and I took our first kids-free trip this October 20-27th. That's right, 7 days without bedtime, changing diapers, or even cooking food. It was heavenly! We were able to talk my parents into coming to Virginia to watch the girls for us. What better way to spend time with your grand daughters right? Their trip was actually two weeks long so they had a lot of quality time with Macy and Anna.

It was fun to have them here for so long because it got us out to do lots of fun things. We took them to Gravely Point, Teddy Roosevelt Island, and Mount Vernon. And that was all in one day!

After the cruise I took my parents down town to Fords Theater, National Archives, the Sculpture Garden, and the Natural History Museum. I haven't been downtown in quite a while so I was eager to take them down there again.

Back to the cruise. Ja and I left after sacrament meeting (it was Macy's first children's program and she did great!) and drove up to Baltimore harbor. We parked then went on the cruise ship. It was fast and I loved it because it was instant vacation. We went right upstairs and enjoyed lunch.

The ship was the Carnival Cruise. We really enjoyed it and thought it had many fun activities and shows. The cruise director was fun and brought a good energy to the cruise. The thing that made the whole cruise even more fun was our dinner table had really great couples. There were 3 couples and we were all around the same ages. We had great conversations and ended up hanging out with them throughout the week. I still would've had fun on the cruise but having them as friends made the whole week even more enjoyable.

The whole week was so relaxing. We would sleep in, take naps, not cook a single meal, go to bed when we want, do what we want and when we want to. What could be better? We did talk often about  how much Macy would love a cruise. She loves hotels and getting the free breakfast that some offer. She would love getting free food all the time!

After two days at sea our first stop was Port Canaveral in Florida. We chose to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure because we were dying to visit the Hogwarts there. We were dying even more to try the butter beer we heard so much about. It was delicious and Hogwarts was magical. The designers did an amazing job designing the school and the village. What made it feel even more authentic was all the British people there. I thought it was hilarious hearing all the British people talking around us.

The next stop was Nassau, Bahamas. The city (or at least the part by the port) isn't that nice and we walked around some houses and got a little scared even. However, we did enjoy a fun catamaran and snorkel excursion. Ja won a free ticket from a raffle drawing so we were stoked about that. Afterwards, we got lunch at Senior Frogs. It's a bar and restaurant which was crazy from all the drunks around but the food was really good! We found out the alcohol there is much stronger than in America so people were going wild. It was more comical than annoying though.

The highlight of the cruise for Ja was karaoke. It seemed like there was always karaoke going on somewhere. Ja would go up and sing multiple times each night. He said it was so much fun. There was two nights when you could sing with a live band and Ja really loved that. I just sat back and listened :) The DJ in charge of karaoke was hilarious and would dance or be a back up singer for people. He made it very entertaining.

Our last stop of Freeport, Bahamas. After being a little disappointed by Nassau Freeport was wonderful. It had the white sand beaches with clear turquoise water. We got off the ship and a man came up to us and said we needed a scooter. We had thought of getting one but hesitated a bit so he dropped his price to $40 for the whole day. We took it and Ja safely drove us around on the "wrong" side of the road. It was fun holding on to him driving around the little island. My favorite quote from the day was Ja saying, "Thanks for letting us get this scooter because I'm having a blast!"

We successfully drove to two secluded beaches where we were all alone. It was perfect. The weather, the sand, the water, the company, all perfect. We saw some jet skis off in the distance and drove around trying to find some to rent. We rented one for 30 minutes and had more of a blast. Ja was so excited flying over the ocean waves. I was proud that I never fell off. It as hard holding on to him when we were going fast and catching some air! It really was the perfect day- I got my beautiful beach and Ja had his scooter and jet ski adventure.

The last night of the cruise was the best. Throughout the week certain cruisers were asked to be part of "The Legends" show. If someone was good at karaoke they would be asked to sing like a legend for the show. There was Frank Sinatra, Elvis (the guy had brought his own Elvis costume!), Gloria Esteban, Garth Brooks (our friend from our dinner table), Aretha Franklin (she was amazing), Ricky Martin, Sonny and Cher, Britney Spears, Madonna, and James Brown. The show was a lot of fun and definitely the best of the week.

We had an amazing week on our cruise and can't wait to go on another. The girls did great with my parents which made the whole week even better. Seriously, we can we go again?!

The obligatory cruise ship towel animals. 
For some reason the hanging monkey reminded me of Anna. 

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