Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Macy said the cutest thing today while watching the Macy's Day parade. We told her it was the Macy's parade and showed her on the TV where it said Macy (she recognizes her written name). Channel 7 was showing a different part of the parade the guide only said "The Thanksgiving Day Parade" so Macy asked, "is this the Anna parade?" 

I love her thought process that all the parades are named after our girls. And that she wanted Anna to have a parade too. 

On a different note- we took out our Elf on the shelf and read the book with Macy. She was very concerned that he can't talk to us. She asked me many times today why he can't talk. She stared at him a few times to see if he moved. The elf moved while we were gone for thanksgiving dinner and she shrieked with joy when she noticed. She ran around the house so excited. 

As I was reading her stories for bed she stopped me halfway and said, " mom I want Anna to go to bed first so I can see if the elf moved."

I think we will have fun with the elf this year!

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