Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Macy's Preschool Graduation

Whoever says Preschool Graduation is a silly and unnecessary event is probably right. But they also haven't had a child graduate from preschool. I thought it was a silly and unnecessary event but I'm a believer now. My heart melted as I watched my little girl graduate. Her preschool put on a great show and it was so much fun to watch. My dad was visiting so he was able to be there to watch his oldest grandchild graduate preschool.

Here's her whole class before they got all dressed up. 

Here she is walking down the aisle. They played the typical graduation music as the kids walked to their spots.

She was so happy but didn't want to show her big smile.

The kids in her class colored in letters and each held two up as they sang a song using the alphabet that said how much they love us.

Then they sang other gospel songs.

This one is my favorite.
During the song "Let them be little" the kids all walked out and gave their moms a present. It was a picture of them holding a sign that said "Kindergarten or bust." I started to cry immediately. I couldn't believe my baby is starting kindergarten. I love my sweet Macy so much!

Here she is holding her diploma!

Each child came up and said something they learned that year. Macy said shapes. Then the teacher said what they want to be when they grow up- a teacher!
2015 graduates!

Here's the happy (except for Anna) family. 

Yay for Papa being there!

My sweet angel is growing up! I don't know what I'm going to do next year without her by my side to help out! The next day was her last day of preschool. I dropped her off and started bawling on the way home. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because a stage of Macy's life is over and I'll never get my little 5 year old Macy back. I'm realizing how kids are only little for such a short period of time. I 'm so so glad I have other children so I get to have more preschool days, more little voices, more silly games, more childhood joy around my house.

Look at that smile! She is thrilled to be starting kindergarten!

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