Saturday, May 16, 2015

My big running accomplishments

This week I did a few firsts for me. First, I actually went running three times! That's always the goal but something comes up or my partner cancels so I don't feel motivated enough to go on my own.

Second, I got up early (for me) at 7 and went running by myself! I couldn't believe myself. I did this for two reasons 1) it was going to be 80 degrees by 9:30 which is when we usually run and I wanted to avoid the heat, and 2) I wanted to run without pushing a double jogging stroller. I was feeling a little discouraged because I felt like running wasn't getting any easier for me. Then my partner, Peyton, said she ran the whole 3.2 miles without her stroller and she thought I could too. I wanted to prove to myself that I could. I ran the whole 3.2 miles and felt great! I could've kept running if I had to. Pushing a stroller makes running a lot harder. I guess that's one more way my kids make me stronger.

Third, I ran the whole route without stopping WITH the stroller two days later!! I couldn't believe it! I have no shame in stopping when I feel exhausted but I didn't have too. I think the weather played a big part in this too- It was only 65 degrees. We have been running in 70-75 degree weather and those few lost degrees made running a whole lot easier. 

I was so proud of my accomplishments! Now hopefully I can repeat it all. I'm so glad to know I'm strong enough to run. 

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