Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

The one thing I wanted to do on Mother's Day was take pictures with my kids. I wanted to get one with each child, but Owen is the only one who obliged. Seeing that he can't walk he had no choice in the matter. Although, by his expression he wasn't too happy about it. His facial expressions are the best.

Here we are trying to get set up. Anna got upset about something- probably me telling her where to sit. We quickly lost her as she ran away.

Then she fell down and came running back for a comforting hug.

 I have to include this picture because it's something I see Anna doing many times a day. She is taking in a big breath right before she has something important to say. Or she's about to ramble on and on. I know a lot of words or loud words are coming when I see her do this.

We eventually got a good picture! We don't have coordinating outfits, Anna's leg us up, and Macy is wearing a dress I don't care much for, but here we are! I love my three kids so much! I'm so glad they are all mine forever!

We tried a different pose but as you can see that wasn't successful. 

Ja helped the kids make me garden stones for Mother's Day. They are perfect and match their personalities. Macy stamped her hand in the cement, Owen stamped his little foot, and Anna wanted to poke her fingers into the cement. She is her own authority. I also enjoyed a nap after church and delicious vegetable lasagna for dinner compliments of Chef Ja. 

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