Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beach Party

We had a little beach party at Sandy Point State Park with some friends from the ward. It was perfect for all the little kids because it's in the bay making the waves very very small. Macy didn't get in the water, as expected, but she loved playing in the sand. It was actually quite relaxing because Jonathan and I got to sit and watch her play while enjoying the warm sun and beach atmosphere.

After the fun in the sand we walked up to the grassy BBQ area for dinner. The smart parents brought their stair gates to make a ring around the grill so the kids won't get burned. Macy loved playing with the buttons and toy part of it.

Macy and Hallie being cute friends.

Macy loves to run and had a great time chasing her friends around in the grass.

Macy and Hallie again enjoying themselves.

Macy is doing her hide-and-go-seek counting face in this picture. She likes to cheat by only covering her mouth.

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Team Jorgensen said...

Macy and Hallie look so much older than when we were there!