Friday, August 5, 2011

Meadow Lane Park in Vienna

This is the best park around us. First off it’s almost completely covered in the shade, it has many swings, and best of all it’s full of outdoor toys. Macy always loves to steal other kids toys. Actually this is how I found out about this park. We were at our pool swimming and she wanted a toy that another little boy had. I told the dad that no matter what I bring she always wants what the other kids have. He said, “Oh she’ll probably like this park in Vienna, it’s full of other kids toys!” We went last Friday and Macy played by herself (which is rare) for an hour! We just sat and watched as she went from toy to toy to toy. Other bigger kids were bossing her around but she would just stare at them and do her own thing anyways. Way to stand up for yourself Macy.

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