Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We took the two hour drive down to Charlottesville to visit the NUCCA doctor there. The drive down there is mostly on a highway that goes through the little towns so it’s a beautiful drive. Macy did pretty good on the drive and only cried a little bit. After our appointment we drove to Monticello to go inside Thomas Jefferson’s home. It’s a beautiful home with very beautiful grounds. We took turns watching Macy while the other went on the tour of the house. Daddy was very nice and bought Macy chocolate coins during his watch and she loved them of course.

On the way home we stopped to get ice cream at a place called Moo Thru. The sign says it’s real dairy by real dairy farmers. It was very delicious and Macy loved her ice cream come. This time she only took a little bite out of the bottom. Her favorite part was the flavor sign. She walked in and out of it and was so happy. 

The last hour of the drive I sat in the back with Macy and helped her color. She is very much into coloring right now. I put the crayons in her cup holder and she thought that was great. She would pick a color, draw a line, then show me the crayon and speak to me very purposefully. I really wish I knew what she was saying. It was so cute and I had a great time sitting back there with her.

Macy's first work of art (I did the sun and face)

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