Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Praying Macy

Macy has been excellent at reminding us to pray and to pray often. It only took us a few tries to get her to fold her hands and know she can also fold her arms. I wasn’t in the good habit of praying over breakfast and lunch but now we are because Macy insists we pray before eating. She folds her arms and points to us to do the same. She is generally very reverent but if we peek we catch her trying to pick food off her plate. However, her arms are still folded so does that count? I like to peek so I can see how cute she is being. She’s also very good at getting us to say family prayer at night. We’ve always been good at this but she now reminds us as soon as it’s bed time. She waves “come on” to Jonathan if he isn’t moving fast enough for her. She also always folds her arms at church during the prayers and at other people’s houses. I’m so glad that is one lesson that actually stuck.  

Her latest thing is having us all fold our arms or clasp our hands. Jonathan and I have to do whatever she is doing. She tricks us by switching during the prayer sometimes. Often she wants to pray multiple times during dinner. We try to tell her we only need to pray once. If Macy ever isn't paying attention and misses us saying Amen she will not unfold her arms until we say another prayer or repeat Amen a few times. 

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Chelsey said...

That is so adorable! She is already so spiritual. Good thing she has good parents to teach her!